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Friday, 13 October 2017 09:49

Hollywood’s SICK Hypocrisy on Gun Violence Brutally Exposed

Written by  TFPP Writer

Seth Connell reports that as is to be expected, the media elites and celebrities of Hollywood are being guided by emotions following the horrendous tragedy in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

Understandably, it’s a very heavy situation, one that is difficult to analyze with level-headed judgment, especially just a day or so after it happened. However, our response to it must not be driven by emotions, as many on the Left are prone to do.

Additionally, our response should reflect the reality for all Americans, and not just for the immediately visible media and celebrity elites that plague our nation’s cultural landscape. Those who dominate the television and cinema screens are largely detached from reality; they live in a completely different world with different rules and different circumstances, different everything; and it’s a world where the things you and I face simply do not exist.

Jimmy Kimmel is one of those elites, and in his late night show monologue last night, he displayed just how detached from reality he actually is, both in his response to the attack on the screen, but then also in his recent move to further protect himself.

The Daily Wire reports that during the show last night, Kimmel went on an emotional soliloquy blasting Republicans and the NRA for being complicit in the attack.

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