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Friday, 13 October 2017 03:14

Withdrawing From UNESCO, Trump Retreads Path Taken by Reagan

Written by  Patrick Goodenough

(CNSNews.com) – The Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization comes 33 years after President Reagan left amid concerns about mismanagement and an agenda viewed as corrosively anti-Western.

Shortly before Reagan pulled out in 1984, UNESCO planned to set up a “new world information order” to counteract what it said was a Western-dominated flow of information. It proposed that journalists be licensed and an international code of press ethics be established.

Critics called the agency a mouthpiece for pro-Soviet sentiment.

President Bush took the U.S. back into the Paris-based body in 2003, saying it had made important reforms under its then-Japanese director-general, who had taken the helm in 1999.

But over the decade-and-a-half since its historically biggest funder returned, UNESCO has if anything taken an even more troubling direction, seen particularly in its blatantly politicized stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In its announcement of the decision to withdraw for a second time, the State Department cited three issues – concerns with mounting arrears, the need for reforms, and “continuing anti-Israel bias.”

The need for reforms was highlighted, again, late last year, when a British government review of its funding to multilateral organizations criticized UNESCO for a “lack of transparency” and “systemic weaknesses in the management of core funding and organizational effectiveness.

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