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Thursday, 12 October 2017 23:16

'Great News' Suggests Victimizing Men in the Name of Gender Equality

Written by  Amelia Hamilton

In the October 12 episode of the NBC comedy Great News, titled "Honeypot!" the crew is being subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace. Since it's a woman harassing the men, however, coworkers are hesitant to believe the truth, and it turns out the harasser is doing it in the name of workplace equality.

In the course of discussing all of this, they make the expected jokes about Fox News and completely forced a joke about Benghazi.

With Harvey Weinstein news breaking several times a day (not that the liberal media is covering it), this episode could not have been more timely. When Greg (Adam Campbell) comes forward and tells Katie (Briga Heelan) that their boss Diana (Tina Fey) sexually harassed him, the other men at their tv station workplace come forward with their own stories as well. The women completely discount their stories, saying the men must have misunderstood, asking why they were in her office alone in the middle of the day and what they were wearing. By reversing the genders, it shone a light on the way women can be treated when they come forward after being sexually harassed, even saying that the Cosby jurors required "more than 60" women to come forward in order to come to a verdict.

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