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Thursday, 12 October 2017 16:38

Has Trump Really Launched a War on Birth Control?

Written by  Michael Morris

When writing about the Obamacare and its birth-control mandate, I’ve made a handful of observations.

First, it is very bureaucratic and inefficient to use insurance for routine medical expenses. Sort of like using auto insurance to cover the cost of getting an oil change.Second, insurance coverage means third-party payer, which means birth control will become more expensive (albeit financed by premiums rather than out of pocket).Third, coverage mandates necessarily mean one-size-fits-all rules and regulations from Washington, limiting consumer choice and hindering market flexibility.Fourth, federal involvement creates opportunities for corruption as big medical companies figure out ways to obtain unearned profits via subsidies and mandates.Fifth, if politicians and bureaucrats really want birth control to be more affordable, they would make the pill available over the counter instead of requiring a prescription.

President Trump recently announced that his Administration would relax the mandate. I think that is good news for the above reasons.

Critics are very upset. But rather than argue about the desirability of insurance coverage and the wisdom of Washington mandates, they’re actually claiming that the White House has launched some sort of war on birth control. I’m not joking.

Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globeanalyzes the issue. He starts by observing that nobody is proposing to ban birth control

Read more at CNSNews

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