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Thursday, 12 October 2017 16:34

CNN, MSNBC Speculate on Removing Trump From Office Via 25th Amendment

Written by  Scott Whitlock

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and MSNBC's Chris Matthews both eagerly speculated on the latest long shot liberal hope to get rid of Donald Trump: The 25th Amendment. Building off a mention of it Vanity Fair by Steve Bannon, Blitzer on Thursday asked correspondent Jessica Schneider “Tell our viewers who aren’t familiar with the 25th Amendment, Jessica, precisely what it does.

She related the dreams of Democrats: “It lays out the path for removal of the president in cases of inability. And that’s a term that has never been defined or suggested. So here’s what exactly would need to happen to set the 25th Amendment in motion.”

Schneider proceeded to tell viewers that the vice president and a majority of the cabinet would have to tell Congress the President is “unable” to discharge his duties. From there, the plan would eventually move to Congress.

Schneider allowed, “Really what it comes down to is that a majority of Republicans in the cabinet and the Congress, they would have to openly reject the President and begin a movement to oust him.”

Undeterred, Blitzer hoped:

In that Vanity Fair article, I think all of us have read it by now, sources describe the President, in that Vanity Fair article, as unraveling, increasingly unfocused and consumed by dark moods.

Read more at NewsBusters

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