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Thursday, 12 October 2017 16:23

Trump: ‘We Recognize That The Girls of Today Will Tomorrow Be Leaders In Every Nation’

Written by  Terence P. Jeffrey

(CNSNews.com) - President Donald Trump issued a statement yesterday recognizing the “International Day of the Girl,” declaring that: “We recognize that the girls of today will tomorrow be leaders in every nation and every sector of the economy.

“Girlhood is a time when young women should be nurturing their skills, pursuing their passions, and building the foundations of their futures,” said Trump.

“For far too many girls, however, unreasonable limits and restrictions block their paths to achievement and self-fulfillment,” he said.

“In many countries, girls are seen as a burden or commodity,” he said. “These mindsets prevent girls from fully participating politically, socially, and economically in their communities.

“Around the world, girls are less likely than boys to be enrolled in school, which deprives them of vital resources and their best chance to learn the skills needed for a successful adulthood and life in a modern economy,” said Trump. “Even for those who receive a quality education, however, women in roughly 100 countries must somehow also overcome laws that prevent or impede them from employment and entrepreneurship. Yet we know that societies and economies achieve far better results when they embrace, rather than marginalize, the power of women.”

Here is the full text of President Trump’s statement on International Day of the Girl:

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