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Thursday, 12 October 2017 14:34

Levin Blasts Trump Admin: Why Is There a Single Obama Holdover Anywhere Near the Oval Office?

Written by  Michael Morris

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Wednesday, host Mark Levin blasted President Donald Trump and his administration for “irresponsibility” and “incompetence” for not issuing pink slips to Obama administration holdovers, asking, “Why is there a single Obama holdover anywhere near the oval office?”

“Who are these holdovers?” asked Mark Levin. “What is the president doing? Why is there a single Obama holdover anywhere near the Oval Office – as a matter of fact – anywhere in the Trump administration?”

Levin’s remarks came after it was announced that President Donald Trump would issue a statement on his decision regarding the certification or decertification of the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo, “holdovers from the Obama administration are working to stymie the effort” to decertify the Obama-era nuclear deal.

Below is a transcript of Levin’s remarks from his show Wednesday:

“And yet, we’re starting to see signs of – and an all too often sign, by the way – that the president is buckling, as he buckled on DACA, as he buckled on moving the United States Embassy to the capital of Israel, Jerusalem, and now is he going to buckle on Iran?

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On Day ONE President Trump should have lined EVERY Odummy leftover in ALL State and Federal jobs up on the front lawn of the White House and Fired EVERY ONE of them!!! Case Closed!!!

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Mr. Levin is a smart man....Trump ought to be listening to him...period!

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