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Thursday, 12 October 2017 14:14

Largest Democrat Donor Steyer Demands Trump Impeachment

Written by  Aly Nielsen

Liberal climate activist Tom Steyer -- the largest Democrat donor -- wants impeaching President Donald Trump to be a “defining issue” during the 2018 election.

This week, Steyer sent a letter demanding Congressional Democrats pledge support to impeaching Trump, The New York Times reported Oct.

11, 2017. The letter “represents a significant boost to efforts on the left to make impeachment a mainstream political consideration.”

Steyer previously accused Trump of a “traitorous act of war” when he withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement in May, 2017. He also rebranded his Political Action Committee to fund liberal policies beyond climate change.

The Times also suggested Steyer may be “considering a run for Senate.”

Steyer was the largest spender in the 2016 election, donating more than $91 million to Democrat candidates and PACs. Because of that spending, Steyer “may not be an easy figure for Democrats to ignore,” The Times pointed out.

Democrats have already set a precedent of following Steyer. In July, 2016, The Democratic Party Platform absorbed Steyer’s personal goal to destroy the U.S. coal powered energy industry by 2050.

Steyer has long used his deep pockets to project his own agenda on politicians. He was the largest donor during the 2014 election as well, where he spent more than $74 million attacking the Koch brothers and trying to make climate change a “top-tier” campaign issue, The Guardian found.

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