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Thursday, 12 October 2017 10:22

Charlie Daniels: There’s Still a Patriotic America Out Here in the Hinterlands

Written by  Michael Morris

I saw the strength of America this past weekend, her will, her goodness, her compassion, her unity and her greatness.

It was in Payson – a small town in Arizona I’m sure most of you have never even heard of – when the residents of the area came together on a Saturday night to honor their veterans.

Farmers, cowboys, merchants, clerks, truck drivers and Americans of all professions, put aside their beliefs and political persuasions, their differences and banded together to pay homage to those who had put their lives on the line for the liberty of our beloved America.

When the color guard took the stage and the national anthem was sung before the show everybody rose, and silver haired old veterans stood ramrod straight at attention, paying homage to the flag, the nation and the ones who fought for her.

I have no doubt that those same grizzled old vets, proudly wearing battle ribbons and medals they’d won in combat in Korea, Vietnam et al. would gladly mount the ramparts again and defend America with their dying breath.

And I also have no doubt that the civilians who were there last night would do the same thing

if it came down to protecting their families or their homes.

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