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Thursday, 12 October 2017 08:30

Gov. Brown fiddled with climate change while Wine Country now burns

Written by  Leslie Eastman

The Wine Country Wildfires may end up being Brown’s lasting legacy.

Since President Trump has been elected, California Governor Jerry Brown acts like he is the President of California instead of a state official.

Brown’s recent executive acts and rhetoric have chiefly attempted to create a “climate change” legacy that will last after his final term as governor concludes. For example, Legal Insurrection has covered:

Brown organizing an international climate change conference in San Fransisco next year, trying to resurrect the Paris Climate Accord on a state level.Brown signing his own climate agreement with China.Brown joined the United States Climate Alliance in defiance of the withdrawal from the United Nations climate agreement.

I suspect that the Wine Country Wildfires will turn out to be Brown’s Katrina, the legacy for which he will truly be remembered. The death toll in these devastating blazes has already hit 23, and 315 are now reported missing.

Firefighters are simply fighting to contain the infernos and save lives, and many California residents are already registering concern over the origin of all the blazes. There has been speculation that downed power lines or arson may be the reason why 17 fires broke out in such quick succession.

“Why we had so many big fires, the investigation will give some indication on that,” J.

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