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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 07:45

Anti-Gun Nut Chelsea Handler to Shooting Victim Rep. Scalise: 'F**k You, A**Hole'

Written by  Karen Townsend

The October 6 episode of Netflix’s Chelsea, titled “Hart of the Matter,” included a segment devoted to the extreme liberal rhetoric associated with the anti-gun crowd. The guests were Igor Volsky, Director of Guns Down and co-host of a podcast, and Kris Brown, co-president of The Brady Campaign and Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

As expected, the scapegoats were Republicans and the gun lobby, specifically the NRA.

Beginning the segment with the newly popular response from the left – “thoughts and prayers are not enough” – Igor Volsky praised the knee-jerk responses of Hillary Clinton and Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) in the media. Republicans and the NRA are “really complicit in the murder that happened in Vegas, in the everyday gun violence we see in this country, that we can no longer kind of put away into some box, we’ll return to this later. We have to act now, and we have to act in a way to make sure we have fewer guns in America.” There it is. Just take away guns and life is perfect, right?

Kris Brown jumped in with, “We shouldn’t live in a country where people can’t go to concerts or church or baseball fields, or elementary schools without the fear of being shot.

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This Bitch looks like Webster, Davis and RUFF Ruff Bow wow in drag!!!!

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Nullify the 2nd Amendment so that only Democrat far-left goons have them.
Democrat Party’s program of disarming the general population is under way here (as per Stalin in 1926, per Hitler in 1938, per Mao in 1948), with the first step in that program accomplished by a stream of Executive Orders being issued by B. Hussein Obama; after this first step the complete annulment of the 2nd Amendment will follow by a “diktat”; the first attempt in this endeavor named “Fast & Furious” ended up in failure and a murder cover-up – now shielded under Obama’s “executive privilege” call; the inventor of the Fast & Furious program is now the new ATF head and is in charge of renewing that effort under another name. You cannot establish a communist regime when the population is armed. Of considerable help in this effort of people’s disarmament is the 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco whose rulings in nullifying the 2nd Amendment are totally predictable. A convenient death – really a professional murder - of Justice Scalia is strangely favorable to that design.

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right back to you bitch.

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Magoo Lew Written by Magoo Lew
October 10, 2017
Despicable woman. What a left wing kcunt. Who else wishes she was dead!!!!!!
Jackson Brannon Written by Jackson Brannon
October 10, 2017
Magoo, Hitlary still loves her!!!


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