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Monday, 09 October 2017 17:30

Left CENSORSHIP: Twitter Bans Marsha Blackburn’s Campaign Announcement Video for Discussing PP Sale of Baby Body Parts

Written by  Kemberlee Kaye

“deemed an inflammatory statement that is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction”

Heaven forbid we have a factual discussion about a government subsidized entity which was under Congressional investigation for selling baby body parts, that might be offensive! Or at least that was Twitter’s take.

Marsha Blackburn, Republican running to replace Corker’s soon to be vacated Senate seat in Tennessee found her campaign announcement video banned on Twitter.

Why? For one sentence discussing Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts.

If Blackburn wants to remove the line saying she “stopped the sale of baby body parts”, then, says Twitter, they’ll be glad to reinstate the video.

The AP reports:

Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s Senate campaign announcement ad has been blocked by Twitter over a statement the abortion rights opponent makes about the sale of fetal tissue for medical research.

Blackburn, who is running for the seat being opened by the retirement of Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, boasts in the ad that she “stopped the sale of baby body parts.” A Twitter representative told the candidate’s vendors on Monday that the statement was “deemed an inflammatory statement that is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction.

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Hitler Censored and Banned the media just like Hitlary and the DNC did!!! FACT!!! Anyone else notice how Hitlary commented within minutes about Las Vegas and Gun Control but when her friend and fellow Rapist is caught red handed SILENCE for 5 days!!!!

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Why should they not ban a false and inflamatory statement which was proven a lie and an altered video by a follow up investigation. I do suppose if you are going to run a platform on lies you do not have much of a platform.

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Brad Stewart Written by Brad Stewart
October 10, 2017
Webster, you're so fucking brainwashed it's pathetic. The only people that are saying a video was altered are the people with something to hide. Delusional, murdering Libtards like you.
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Robert Webster Written by Robert Webster
October 10, 2017
I do suppose you can call the federal agencies and the state investigation agencies any thing you want but an idiot could see where the shading changes so many times and sounds differ on part than on other parts.
You are free to believe anything you wish, as most of your posts I have read are so uninformed it shows that you just support what the Conservative want to push without question.
Jackson Brannon Written by Jackson Brannon
October 10, 2017
Webster, why don't you tell us all again how the NFL is great and growing!!! Tell us all again about your FAKE and MADE UP POLLS!!! EVERYTHING coming out of your suck hole is a lie and proven so!!! Tell us how ALL Americans are going to the football games to watch your fellow Kneelers kneel and suck!!! Tell us all again how Americans want your fellow Felon Illegal Alien Murderers and Rapists!!! You come on here with your LIES and BS and EVERYONE knowd you are nothing but a Douche Bag POS Son of a whore who does nothing but Promote your Murdering Whore Hitlary!!! GO F YOUR WHORE SPOUSE!!! If you don't like what I have to say I BEG you to come to Charleston WV and shut me up!!! PLEASE!!! I will meet you and stomp you into the slimy puddle of Libturd GOO you are!!!!
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Robert Webster Written by Robert Webster
October 11, 2017
Be careful for what you wish for, I did not survive 4 years of Combat in Nam to let some person who cannot face the truth just wants to spread BS. How anyone can come out and say something they cannot prove and degrade a person just because they do not agree with them is a sing of lack of anything in the way of a human being.
When even a lot of us Republicans do not support your idiology in any way, This has always been a melting pot of cultures and always will be. Those that try to get something to happen by constantly lying about it have no where to go because the lies eventually come to the surface.


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