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Sunday, 08 October 2017 20:00

Who’s Funding the Anti-Trump Resistance? The Money Trail Leads Back to Soros

Written by  Fuzzy Slippers

Surprise, surprise.

The Washington Free Beaconbroke the story revealing the donors of the anti-Trump “resistance.

” The donation list is revealing on a number of levels.  It shows the extensive, spider-web interconnectivity of a network of leftist radicals and organizations, and it shows how they ensnare major corporations into financially supporting their radical, anti-American aims.

The list includes the usual suspects like George Soros and some suspects new to the political activist realm, namely, the NFL players’ union who were happy to join Soros in his latest astroturf efforts, manufacturing the appearance of wide-spread anti-Trump “resistance.”

In January, I wrote about the 50+ George Soros partners involved in funding the anti-Trump “women’s march.”

Predictably, the “grassroots” and “spontaneous” women’s march wasn’t so grassroots, after all.  It may have started as such, but things changed rather quickly.  Ultimately, more than 50 groups, PACs, and assorted organizations backed by billionaire agitator George Soros were deeply involved in the march.

A self-declared “life-long liberal Democrat who voted for Trump” uncovered the tangled web of the money trail for the New York Times.  Asra Q. Nomani explains that “the march really isn’t a ‘women’s march.’ It’s a march for women who are anti-Trump.   As someone who voted for Trump, I don’t feel welcome .

Read more at LegalInsurrection
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Surprisingly President Trump needs to use a method from the Hitlary Odummy play book!!! Have him declared a world Terrorist and have him assasinated JUST LIKE THEY DID TO QUADAFFI!!!

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There are two international arrest warrants for George Soros, and yet the US Marshalls service has sworn an oath to protect George with their very life's...and I ask my self....WHY?

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This isn't new it's been known all along. The MSM just wasn't admitting it since they side with him. Soros should be charged with all kinds of crimes to include treason. He is an evil, heartless man.

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Magoo Lew Written by Magoo Lew
October 09, 2017
Check out the link to Legalinsurrection.
In reply to an earlier comment

Marby Shivwitz Written by Marby Shivwitz
October 09, 2017
Another charge to tack on and hopefully at the top of the list.


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