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Friday, 06 October 2017 17:35

Vegas Style: Three men charged for ISIS-inspired plot to attack NYC

Written by  Kaja Whitehouse, Danika Fears

An ISIS-inspired terror plot targeting Times Square and the city’s subways — aimed at killing “thousands’’ and making “an ocean out of their blood’’ — has been foiled, authorities said Friday.

A trio of twisted wannabe terrorists, including a US citizen, were planning to strike the city over the summer of 2016, during the Islamic holy month of Ramadhan, officials said.

“NY Needs to fall. It’s a must,” said Talha Haroon, a 19-year-old US citizen living in Pakistan, that May, according to court documents.

Fortunately, Haroon made the proclamation to an undercover agent — and now all three men have been busted on terror charges, the feds said.

In the spring of 2016, Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, a 19-year-old Canadian, and Haroon began planning the attack over messaging apps with the undercover posing as an ISIS supporter, according to the newly unsealed complaint.

They were getting help from Russell Salic, a 37-year-old living in the Philippines who wired money to the US to fund the attack, the papers said.

On May 1, 2016, El Bahnasawy allegedly sent the undercover agent maps of the Big Apple subway system — identifying lines they could blow up with explosives.

The picture of the map that El Bahnasawy, 19, of Mississauga, Canada, sent to the undercover FBI describing his plan of attack for the NYC subway.

“The 2 subway routes we will blow up will be the purple one and the green one,” he told the undercover agent, referring to the No. 7 train and the Nos. 4, 5 and 6 trains from 103rd Street to 33rd Street, according to court documents.

A few days later, Haroon told the agent the subway was the “perfect” target — and they should gun down as many straphangers as possible, including “women or kids,” the complaint said.

“When we run out of bullets, we let the vests go off,” he said, according to prosecutors.

They also set their sights on Times Square.

“We seriously need a car bomb at times square. . Look at these crowds of people!” El Bahnasawy allegedly wrote to the undercover agent on May 12, 2016.

Haroon agreed that the Crossroads of the World was “a perfect spot to hit them” and suggested that the plan could include either a drive-by “or we surround the whole street and trap them and kill as many as possible,” the complaint said.

“I wanna kill . . . them in thousands” Haroon allegedly told the undercover. “We have to make a ocean out of their blood .. leave no one standing.”

The hydrogen peroxide El Bahnasawy bought in preparation for the attacks.

It wasn’t just talk, according to the complaint.

El Bahnasawy, while in Canada, purchased an array of bomb-making materials for use in the planned attacks, including approximately 40 pounds of hydrogen peroxide, batteries, Christmas lights, thermometers, and aluminum foil — all of which could be used in making explosive devices, authorities said.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, Haroon told the undercover agent that he had traveled to meet with an explosives expert “for the purpose of obtaining additional information to be used in building bombs for the planned NYC attacks,” the feds said.

Haroon told the undercover that they would need “perming cords,” or detonator cords, adding that El Bahnasawy was acquiring “all that’s needed,” according to the complaint.

El Bahnasawy traveled to New Jersey on May 21 in preparation for the attack and was arrested. He pleaded guilty to terrorism charges Oct. 13, 2016 and is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 12, 2017.

Haroon was arrested on September 2016 in Pakistan, while Salic was busted in April 2017 in the Philippines. Both are awaiting extradition to the US, the feds said.

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Hot lead for all involved. No questions asked. Any red blooded American will do it for free

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Tell us again Demonrats WHY the Travel Ban was evil???? Just because they want these people to fill the voting booths does not warrant flooding our country with people who cannot be vetted!!! Odummy needs to be held accountable for EVERY American lives his fellow Mooslime Terrorists kill!!

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Ann Reavis Anderson Written by Ann Reavis Anderson
October 07, 2017

The Muslim pleaded guilty in 10/2016 and he still hasn't been sentenced...WTF? What's wrong with the court's?

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Meanwhile the liberals continue their fight to allow these people to come to America to kill & terrorize Americans. Perhaps when these "liberals" become victims of these terrorist they will then see the error of their thinking?

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Jackson Brannon Written by Jackson Brannon
October 07, 2017
Libturds do not care how many Americans these Mooslime Terrorists kill!! They feel that the deaths of Americans is just a part of the deal!!

It is a puzzle why investigators and media are fearful of saying "Radical Muslim Terrorist" See the Authority provided by the Bible at www.GodAuthoredBible.com.
Every (practicing) Islamist is subjugated to the Koran and Sharia Law and that demands they must both
.1 annihilate (by whatever means and however long it takes) all non-Islamic entities (Biblical believers, edifices and principles) not subjugated as they are, and
.2 reject and destroy any set of laws (USA’s Constitution, laws and the legislative and enforcement systems) not subjugated to Sharia law.
. To do so, all forms of lying, cheating, subterfuge, breaking of contracts, deception, murder, killings, terrorism and any anti-Biblical means that brings honor and glory to Allah (Satan) are praiseworthy to all Islamist. Hence Obama (a not so covert Muslim) and his peers never critiqued or condemned those actions unless it was ‘taqiyya’ (an approved form of deception to pretend they are offended while inwardly rejoicing and supporting such actions).
. Simply put, while many may deny it, every Islamist is a warrior and at war (to some degree) with every non-Islamist.
Too many Americans have not been educated (and have been blinded) to understand:
.1 the absolute hatred of the Islamic faith as taught in the Koran
.2 the beauty of and freedom provided our Constitution, legal system and principals of a Biblical world view.
. Every honest researcher and Biblical theologian must state that Satan authored the Koran as the antithesis to and counterfeit of God's Bible.
For an excellent read, search “creationworldview Is Islam a Scientifically Valid Religion”

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