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Thursday, 05 October 2017 14:39

California governor signs "sanctuary state" legislation

Written by  CBS News

Last Updated Oct 5, 2017 2:40 PM EDT

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California Governor Jerry Brown signed "sanctuary state" legislation expanding protections for immigrants in U.S. illegally.

It's a move that gives the nation's most populous state another tool to fight President Donald Trump.

Brown's signature means that police will be barred from asking people about their immigration status or participating in immigration enforcement activities starting Jan. 1.

DACA deadline for renewal is Oct. 5

Jail officials only will be allowed to transfer inmates to federal immigration authorities if they have been convicted of certain crimes.

California is home to an estimated 2.3 million immigrants without legal authorization.

Federal judge blocks Texas' tough "sanctuary cities" law

"These are uncertain times for undocumented Californians and their families, and this bill strikes a balance that will protect public safety, while bringing a measure of comfort to those families who are now living in fear every day," Brown said in statement.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, asked for a response, told reporters that she hopes Californians will "push back" on their governor's "irresponsible" decision.

The measure came in response to widespread fear in immigrant communities following Mr. Trump's election.

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Last modified on Thursday, 05 October 2017 16:02

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Jerry Brown wow you have just killed your state and soon it will be come the worlds biggest slum ! the good people of your state will start to leave as more and more illegals flock to your state and were will you get the taxes to pay for there up keep ! I sure hope that team trump pulls all of the federal funding that you get cuz I sure the hell don't want any of my tax money to go your anti American state !! what you have just done is invite every illegal in the world to come to your state and with that will be even more drugs more crime more murders land value will fall farms will fall mining will fall ! the people that work there and pay the really high taxes will leave ! industry will leave ! your police EMS and fire dept will go to states that will protect and pay them ! murder of US citizens will rise ! your state will fail badly and when every thing is gone your state in a shambles then what you ass hole cry for help ? have you even put this to the people to vote on ? well we know you did not cuz no American would vote for this ! guess the best part of you ran down your mama leg you are a disgrace ! you are anti American ! you will go down in the history books as a total looser ! shame on you and not wanting to protect your people !

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Time to withhold all federal funding into this state of socialist until the minority (?) there can take their state govt back from the morons that must feel that they can survive without the tax payers of America bailing them out as they continue their efforts to become a part of Mexico. If not, then we need a wall between the USA & mexifornia.

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It is time to JAIL Governor Moonbeam for his Violation of Oath of Office. It is time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by sending the Head of the Communist Party To Prison for life as a TREASONOUS Commie Asshole.

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Screw California. They need no Federal Funding. Let them fend for themselves.

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Good, this will give more tax money for other states!!

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SA Jane Written by SA Jane
October 05, 2017
Seems to me that should be up to the voters, unfortunately the jerks in southern CA out number those in northern CA, so our votes don't count. We need to split CA in two.
Jackson Brannon Written by Jackson Brannon
October 05, 2017
SA Jane, hang in there!! When California keeps trying to make up for these Illegals with More and raised taxes they will sooner than later implode!! Then they will get rid of the Illegals and Sanctuary laws to get their taxes back!!


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