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Sunday, 01 October 2017 11:33

Trump usurps Tillerson: a waste of time to negotiate with North Korea

Written by  Mark Moore

A day after the secretary of state said the administration opened “lines of communication” with North Korea, President Trump on Sunday told Rex Tillerson to “save your energy” because “we’ll do what has to be done” with “Little Rocket Man.

A day after the secretary of state said the administration opened “lines of communication” with North Korea, President Trump on Sunday told Rex Tillerson to “save your energy” because “we’ll do what has to be done” with “Little Rocket Man.”

“I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man,” Trump wrote on Twitter, repeating the nickname he has been using for North Korean President Kim Jong Un.

“Save your energy Rex, we’ll do what has to be done! ,” he posted.

Tillerson on Saturday said the Trump administration for the first time has opened up “lines of communication with Pyongyang. We’re not in a dark situation, a blackout.”

“We are seeing from what we can observe, and the Chinese are telling us, that it is having some effect, and [the Chinese] have a pretty close view of it,” Tillerson said.

Trump has warned Kim’s regime that he would “totally destroy” North Korea if forced to defend the US or its allies in the region.

He also referred to Kim as “Rocket Man” during a speech last month to the United Nations General Assembly and said the despot is on a “suicide mission.”

North Korea is under punishing sanctions imposed by the UN that restricts its imports, especially fuel, for its continuing military provocations that include detonating a nuclear device and launching intercontinental ballistic missiles.

While backing the sanctions, China and Russia have both encouraged the US to try to find a diplomatic solution to the standoff between the two countries.

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It would have been nice for you to include the tweet by Trump BBuzz; I couldn't find it.

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Good Guy ... Bad Guy ... but both fully aligned and in agreement. Let rocket boy figure it out.

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Bruce Kellar Written by Bruce Kellar
October 01, 2017
Would appear that a strategic discussion is taking place that was arranged beforehand. Those unable to detect the thoughts behind this strategy are probably not worthy of the discussion. It is a stimulus for nausea to have an educated American Patriot not grasp the purpose of this strategy. But then again we have many folks that are not are not Patriots with an agenda opposing patriotism and whose purpose is to create chaos by either intent or ignorance. GO TRUMP! You are a genius.

How does one negotiate with a megalomaniac? people need to read about this egotistic insane leader who eats high on the hog, while the people in his country are starving. I have heard first hand reports from people who escaped North Korea about the intolerance of Kim Jong Un. If people don't cheer loud enough for him, they are thrown into prison. He had a close relative executed, because he felt threatened. He is not too bright...threatening to use H-bombs that threaten all life on the entire planet. The radiation will get him too.

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Not surprising. Tillerson got the headlines. Trump can't stand not being at the top of the news cycle. Doesn't matter to him that his administration is sending mixed messages.

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Larry Schwabe Written by Larry Schwabe
October 01, 2017
Last updated:
October 01, 2017
So our dear leader who oversold himself as a master of negotiation is giving up. Not surprising at all since this clown is a phony and a fraud anyway.
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Gene Smith Written by Gene Smith
October 01, 2017
Larry >>>> READ HIS BOOK and you will retract this statement.
" IS " Negotiating the Trump way.
You will see how this method will speed up the entire process.....WATCH, and be impressed, then, if you will, please retract your snide comment.
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Diane Harris-Day Written by Diane Harris-Day
October 01, 2017
You are absolutely right Gene Smith.
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Dale Ruff Written by Dale Ruff
October 01, 2017
His negotiating style certainly worked to repeal and replace Obamacare! It worked to force Mexico to build he Great Wall. It worked to create friendly relations with Russia (when Trump says relations, are at "an all time low," that is just his negotiating style!). It will work to send all the Dreamers back to a land none of them knows since they were brought here, having broken no laws themselves, as children.

It worked to repeal he sanctions against Russia, as he Republicans voted 51-1 against his proposal, a mere bit of smoke and mirrors to mask his true victory at a future date.

So far, his mastery of negotiations have led only Mexico, Canada, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Australia, and the G-20 nations to view him with deep horror and suspicion, all part of his snake oil....oops, I mean negotiating tactics.

As Sun Tzu wrote: when you are weak, act strong; and when you are strong act weak. All of Trump's failures are actually sophisticated tactics to throw his enemies, from the media to the majority of voters, to our key allies off balance them.

The Art of the Steal...oops, I mean Deal......is the art of deception, distraction, and feigning weakness and failure. War is Peace, in the era of Trump the Great, and There is no success like failure, to quote the Noble Prize winner in literature.

Just wait: it is assured that Trump will take the US into bankruptcy but manage to make billions out of the deal, as he has in his private business life. It takes genius to make billions out of bankruptcies and failures, but our President has the secret, and it is only a matter of time before the wars he is starting bring in big bucks and jobs...and the economic recession is tax cuts and boosting military spending will cause creates a therapeutic correction that Makes America Great Again! Whether its MAGA or SMEGMA, just because it smells foul doesn't mean it won't make the real Americans, the very rich, even richer.....and what trickles down may smell like piss but in fact, it is the MANNA of the heavenly Art of the Deal pouring down to MAKE AMERICA WHITE...OOPS, I mean GREAT, once again, as it was in the days when Old Dixie stood tall and proud.

If you don't appreciate satire, I suggest you skip this post.

BTW, Nixon tried the madman theory of negotiation. "Nixon's Chief of Staff, H. R. Haldeman, wrote that Nixon had confided to him:
I call it the Madman Theory, Bob. I want the North Vietnamese to believe I've reached the point where I might do anything to stop the war. We'll just slip the word to them that, "for God's sake, you know Nixon is obsessed about communism. We can't restrain him when he's angry—and he has his hand on the nuclear button" and Ho Chi Minh himself will be in Paris in two days begging for peace."

How did that work out? The US was chased out of Vietnam as the North Vietnamese took control, and Nixon resigned in disgrace. Karma is a bitch, and history is karma.


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