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Saturday, 30 September 2017 02:06

ESPN Misrepresents Results from Their Own Poll Which Shows That Fans Are Sick of Anthem Protests

Written by  Warner Todd Huston

The basic math of this story is easy to follow: ESPN conducts a poll on anthem protests, ESPN doesn’t like results of the poll on anthem protests, therefore ESPN deliberately misrepresents the results from the poll on anthem protests.

With its new Global Strategy Group poll, ESPN states that Americans “are divided in their attitudes” about the NFL’s protests during the playing of the national anthem. However, far from “divided,” many of the results find Americans far more united in their negative feelings about the protests.

The poll found that a lopsided majority disapprove of the anthem protests, with 51 percent either somewhat or strongly disapproving of the anthem protests, while only 39 percent approved. If this were a political poll, a 51-39 disparity would be called a definitive, and direct statement. Even a predictor of certain electoral victory.

Moreover, had the poll found that 51 percent of people approved of the anthem protests, this poll would have been celebrated and paraded on every show across every platform ESPN has.

Yet, because this result doesn’t fit ESPN’s narrative, the results get described as “mixed” or “divided.”

Another strong result was seen when the poll asked respondents whether the protests made them more or less interested in watching football.

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Nobody even watches ESPN anymore!! They are Bankrupt and Anti American!! Besides that Politico even reluctantly admitted that their Polls show 64 percent of Americans are against the NFL Kneelers!!! UNLESS you listen to Retard Randy Webster!! He made up a Poll that showed the Majority of Americans Overwhelmingly support the NFL Felons!! Go figure another Libturd Liar!!!

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Robert Webster Written by Robert Webster
September 30, 2017
Then they should access other data which shows the National Sport Leagues have been in a downward spiral since about 2007 loosing 4.5% yearly, for various reasons, but the economy being the biggest next to over pricing and data shows that the kneeling has had little to no effect on attendance or viewing, many dislike it but are still going and viewing, in fact last week attendance rose 3% over forecast attendance based on records. When an over whelming percentage of persons do not want the players punished for their actions then that is an indication that they are not that upset about the kneeling, the majority say they do not approve and at the same time say they do not want the players punished for doing it. It is their right under no less than 6 Supreme Court rulings as part of free speech in a public place, called free expression.
Jackson Brannon Written by Jackson Brannon
September 30, 2017
Retard, NOBODY said it wasn't their right DUMBA$$!!! WE are saying that if they want to do this WE will drivethem Bankrupt and YES their attendance is down and even their advertisers are demanding that their advertisement rates be cut!! The NFL just had a meeting with their owners and advertisers WORRIED about where this is going!!! YOU jist like to LIE and BS!!! Politico, shows that 64 percent of Americans are NOT behind the NFL!!! YOU keep trying to state LIES as Polls!!! YOU always do this and EVERYONE knows it!!! YOU are a libturd POS that loves getting on your knees don't you RETARD Randy!!!??? Even the NFL admitted that their attendance and viewers are down over 13 percent!! ESPECIALLY in California where they showed an almost empty stadium ontheir first home game of the regular season!!! Spread you lies all you want WE are not as stupid as you are!! WE do not believe you!! HA HA HA!! Pretty bad when people KNOW you are a liar!! You must have NO self respect!! But then again most Libturds don't!! THAT is why they voted Hitlary!!!
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Ed Glimpse Written by Ed Glimpse
September 30, 2017
Last updated:
October 01, 2017
Robert Webster: You are so full of sh◆t, I'm sure no more will fit!! I've seen so many people burning gear and tickets, I can't count then all. I'm sure that's due to natural decline too! ????
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Jackson Brannon Written by Jackson Brannon
October 01, 2017
Look at his Comments from last week!! He was telling us that their was NO decline!! Now he twists it again with more lies!!! It is what Libturd Demonrats do!! Lies and BS!!! ANYONE who thinks Hitlary was going to be a great President or that Odummy was is straight up RETARD!!!


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