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Friday, 29 September 2017 08:04

South Korean Luxury Skyscraper Complex Prepares Residents For War Scenarios

Written by  Korea Times

With North Korea’s military provocations increasing the possibility of war on the Korean Peninsula, a luxurious residential-commercial complex in Seoul recently held an emergency session for residents on what to do if war actually breaks out.

The managing office of Tower Palace in Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, held the session on Sep. 18, where participants were given practical tips on what to do when the complex, one of Seoul’s wealthiest communities, issues various warning alarms.

Residents learned what to do when they hear an air raid alarm, a poisonous gas alarm or a war warning wherever they are in the city.

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Why can't the US prepare it's citizens? We just had several catastrophic events and people are whining about not having the basics. Everyone should know how to make solar water distiller or have access to one and have important items like food and batteries in water proof containers since most events involve water. The government has done everything to keep people stupid and dependent and demonized and mocked people who prep. Florida went so far as to strike a deal with the power company so people would be arrested if they prepared with back up power. Where's the outrage? People died because of it. Where are our drills for nuclear attack? Is it because our shelters are only for the elite?

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