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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 19:52

Republicans plan healthcare vote, Obama and TV host denounce bill

Written by  Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senate Republicans announced plans to vote next week on their latest bid to scuttle Obamacare even as a popular comedian who has become part of the U.S. healthcare debate denounced the bill and former President Barack Obama on Wednesday warned of “real human suffering.

President Donald Trump, who has expressed frustration at the Senate’s failure thus far to pass legislation to replace Obama’s signature legislative achievement, said “47 or 48” Republican senators already back the new bill, which needs 50 votes for passage in the 100-seat Senate that his party controls 52-48.

“We think this has a very good chance,” Trump, who made replacing Obamacare a top campaign promise last year, told reporters during an appearance with Egypt’s president in New York.

But as they tried to corral enough votes to win after prior legislation failed in July, congressional Republicans and the White House were on the defensive after Jimmy Kimmel used his late-night TV show to blast the proposal and call Republican Senator Bill Cassidy, one of its two sponsors, a liar.

“This guy, Bill Cassidy, just lied right to my face,” Kimmel said on his show on Tuesday night, referring to the senator who since May had touted a “Jimmy Kimmel test” of standards any Obamacare replacement would need to possess.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 20 September 2017 20:33

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(Updated: September 21, 2017)

This Ghrahm/Cassidy bill is really not much, it does little toward repealing the travesty of Barry Sotero's HCA...It still does not get the government out of your health care.....These greedy jerks are no better than the frigging criminals in the DNC who set this up...GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF HEALTH CARE!!!!!

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(Updated: September 20, 2017)

Obama's goal with Obamacare was to set it up to fail, then to push for single-payer Government subsidized health care, SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. That is why Bernie Sanders is desperately pushing his bill for exactly that right now. The Democrats are in a total panic that the Republicans will help Americans with the improved bill by Graham-Cassidy. Obama would lose his legacy bill and Democrats a huge chunk of their voting block. We Americans need this bill in place before Obamacare implodes which it will completely by next year.

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JoAnn Graham Written by JoAnn Graham
September 21, 2017
Americans are already suffering from the last 8 years. ANYTHING to keep on lining there pockets

Existing conditions, you mean buy insurance for a car you wrecked yesterday? Kimmel should stick to whatever it is he does.

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Lisa Vacula Written by Lisa Vacula
September 21, 2017
Did you know that according to the ACA that Pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition.. so is many women's issues.. when they say "pre-existing".. they also mean a natural functioning part of the human condition.. it is really stupid what they call Pre-existing.. they should just drop it..we already have socialized medicine.. its called "welfare", "medicare" and "disability".. and those three things the American people are already paying for.. why pay for something twice or three times?.. ACA is a sham and a scam..
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Harry Townsend Written by Harry Townsend
September 21, 2017
How very true!

Somebody , anyone silence that punk Obama, or bath house Barry. Theirs 72 virgind awaiting you.

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Diana Miller Written by Diana Miller
September 20, 2017
LOL Whisful thinking for Kimmel that what he thinks and says is worth more then 2 cents. And Obummer, someone gently tell this creep he is not president. And cut the bushes around the White House where Obummer has been lurking to spy on everyone.

It's fake news to say Kimmel is a popular comedian.

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Virginia Hornibrook Written by Virginia Hornibrook
September 20, 2017
Who cares what kemmel has to say or the idiots Obama and killer Hillary, they did nothing for the United States when they were in office Obama shut your trap and go back to Kenya maybe they'll care what you have to say. Maybe Obama go to Kenya and ruin there country like he ruined the United States. Obama get the hell out of the country.
Floyd J Hardee Written by Floyd J Hardee
September 21, 2017
The Balmy One belongs either in jail ,or a mental institution. The fake news media is in actuality....the Mouth Piece of Lucifer. He tells them what to do....what to say. Their goal is to make zombie like slaves of us through their lies and deceit!


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