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Monday, 11 September 2017 12:59

Trump Takes Travel Order back to SCOTUS

Written by  Kemberlee Kaye

Requests a stay of portion of the 9th Circuit opinion

Monday, the Justice Department requested a stay of the 9th Circuit’s most recent interpretation of Trump’s executive travel order.

Politico reports:

The Trump administration is returning to the Supreme Court in an effort to overturn lower court rulings crimping the application of President Donald Trump’s travel ban executive order.

Justice Department lawyers asked the high court Monday to allow authorities to keep up a block on many refugees covered by Trump’s ban.

The dispute taken to the justices Monday addresses how much of the travel ban can be enforced until the Supreme Court rules on the broader issues. The justices are scheduled to hear arguments Oct. 10 on a pair of cases related to the ban.

The stay takes issue not with the familial relationship issue, but with the allowance of refugees, an immigration classification Trump’s executive order initially temporarily halted.

Thursday night, the 9th Circuit Appellate Court struck another blow to Trump’s second, scaled down travel order.

The latest, in this unnecessarily long and drawn out saga, is the 9th Circuit’s opinion allowing just about every family member of foreign nationals receiving visitor benefits exemption from the president’s travel order which took aim at countries known to be state sponsors of terror (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen).

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The 9th court is mainly liberals who won't pass anything Trump dooes . Hopefully the supreme court will be more .cooperative

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I believe that the Supreme Court is a perfect example of a group in dire need of "Term Limits".
Eight years maximum and then move on to retirement.

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Robert Dykman Written by Robert Dykman
September 11, 2017
I believe its the circuit courts that need term limits.
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Pamela Parris Written by Pamela Parris
September 11, 2017
Amen! The SCOTUS is just fine at 50/50

Just goes to show that the democrat party liberal's are firmly in control....You can thank the liberal RINO's for that, as evermore ISIS fighter's pour into this country...
Did you see the story of ISIS stealing 10,000 blank Syrian passports...??? And the 9th circuit court is letting them into the country! So when ISIS starts to chopping off heads don't Blame Trump, blame the useful idiots that vote democrat!

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William Carpenter Written by William Carpenter
September 11, 2017
Maybe its time for the Supreme Court to take some more affirmative action regarding the 9th circuit. Don't know if its possible, but if so, they should issue a censure of the 9th court. If there are any stronger actions they can take, then they should consider doing so. The 9th is one of the most overturned circuit appeals courts in the country. Its obvious they are trying to make law rather than interpret it and the constitution.
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Ronald Cleveland Written by Ronald Cleveland
September 11, 2017
I agree...they should be kicked out as judges and the 9th circuit dissolved.
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Rod Ama Written by Rod Ama
September 11, 2017
I thought I had read that while the 9th Circus judges have life time appointments that does not mean it has to be in the 9th District, they could be reassigned, say one to some new far remote section of Alaska that covers only that portion of Alaska inhabited by Muslims, another to the new 99th Circuit that covers a full square mile of Death Valley etc.


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