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Wednesday, 06 September 2017 07:46

Florida On Edge; Evacuations Coming as Hurricane Irma Nears

Written by  AP

Hurricane Irma’s size and strength put the entire state of Florida on notice Tuesday, and residents and visitors prepared to leave in anticipation of catastrophic winds and floods that could reach the state by this weekend.

Throughout South Florida, officials readied evacuation orders and people raided store shelves, buying up water and other hurricane supplies. Long lines formed at gas stations and people pulled shutters out of storage and put up plywood to protect their homes and businesses.

Irma’s winds were 185 mph (297 kph) Tuesday, a strong Category 5 storm, and forecasters say it could strengthen more as it neared the eastern-most Caribbean islands, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

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Even people in Bradenton are evacuating!!

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I certainly hope that Houston's incompetent Democrat mayor, Sylvester Turner, is watching the evacuation in Florida to see how real professionals do it. Recall he said it was not possible to do with limited routes northward in Texas. Well, Florida is doing it on a peninsula that is only 160 miles wide...Watch and learn, Sylvester...

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That's quite a change in trajectory from the past few hours. This looks like land fall would be at or near Miami and that the Hurricane could drive up right through the middle of the state.

While I realize that when the Hurricane makes landfall, it will drop below a 5 to a 3 (like Katrina did) and then simply become a Tropical Storm, those winds could pack quite a powerful punch and they do extend out by 75 miles or more, so that even with landfall might be in Miami, it would be a disaster in Orlando.

I'm not a fan of saying that "this storm" or "that natural disaster" was caused by climate change, the stronger Hurricanes normally go south of Cuba to where the water is warmer. The claim is that since the water is warmer this year, farther north, this Hurricane has this force. That is a reasonable theory.

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Margaret Hemenway Written by Margaret Hemenway
September 06, 2017
I'd be leery of trying to extrapolate from any hurricane or natural disaster a connection to climate change. A climate science website, RealScience.com (Jan 2017) asserts that: "Global temperatures have plummeted this year at a record rate. Over the last ten months, temperatures have dropped more than three quarters of a degree, breaking the previous global cooling record set in 1999." I agree w/ the author's comment that "climate scientists make Enron accountants look like saints." And Al Gore gives "global warming" a very bad name-- he's become filthy rich peddling propaganda aimed at creating a massive new tax scheme.

At least the Governor had enough sense to say get out now to the people instead of waiting till the last second as the IDIOTS in Texas. The people need to listen to him if this storm is even half as bad as they say iris. Any who don't should have posted both on their death certificate and grave marker death due to being to STUPID to live.

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