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Monday, 04 September 2017 07:40

Trump to scrap protection for 'Dreamers,' gives Congress six months to fix

Written by  Rumble


President Donald Trump has decided to scrap a program shielding from deportation immigrants who came to the United States illegally as children but will give Congress six months to craft legislation to replace it, sources familiar with the situation said.
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This is an emotional "hot-button" issue that congress needs to attend to. Obviously President Trump has mixed feelings about it but should congress not act DACA is gone. Note that 6 months puts the deadline past the November elections.

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Fix what? Start deporting Now!

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These kids are here because of their parents/guardians. I say let the ones here stay and apply for citizenship. After all, a lot of them have grown up and are now working. However, stop all future children from entering.

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Eric J. Martindale Written by Eric J. Martindale
September 05, 2017
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September 05, 2017

I completely understand the desire for compassion, but we're not just talking about the hardworking young Mexican immigrant who loves America. That's CNN's fantasy. We're talking about the 17 yr old Pakistani who started building bombs at 13. (Middle Easterners have come across the Mexican border in droves over the past eight years.). We're talking about members of Salva Maratruchas. We're talking about others that are simply career welfare recipients. Yes, it is hard to think about "a nice young kid" getting deported, but we can't sell what's left of this country to atone for Obama's stupid decision.

Brilliant. I love it. Trump is going to make those know nothing lazy crooked Congressionals do their job for a change. They are the lowest of the low, liars and thieves and criminals. It is time to step up and take care of Americans.

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MustGoFishin Written by MustGoFishin
September 04, 2017
If you were brought to the USA as a child, whomever was your guardian should have started the process for you to become a legal American Citizen. Otherwize you are an illegal! Enjoy your trip to your motherland!
Tom Schwander Written by Tom Schwander
September 05, 2017
And we hear those opposed to expelling "anyone" from our country using the "breaking up families" talking point. That's easy to prevent as the family must also be here illegally so they can go back also. That "problem"solved.


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