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Thursday, 17 August 2017 14:00

Merkel Government Threatens ‘Legal Measures’ to Impose Gender Quota in Corporate Boardrooms

Written by  Vijeta Uniyal

Merkel governments pushes ‘gender equality’ in boardrooms, amid rise in crimes against women, female genital mutilation and child brides

Just weeks until the September election, Merkel government is threatening “legal measures” against large German companies that fail to implement a ‘gender quota’ by putting more women on their executive boards. In what could simply be cheap antics to garner votes from women, the Merkel government is waging a war against “male-dominated” corporate boardrooms.

Germany’s Women’s Affairs Minister Katarina Barley has “threatened legal measures if the firms fail to fix the problem within the year,” German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported on Wednesday. The Women’s Affairs Minister presented a report on the “Corporate Gender Imbalance” to the Merkel-led cabinet this week. According to the report, large German companies had 27.3 percent of women on their supervisory boards. This still isn’t good enough for the Merkel government. The State wants large companies to allocate more than 30 percent of seats on their boards to women.

German broadcaster Deutsche Wellewrote:

[Women’s Affairs Minister] Barley put the German companies on notice in an interview published on Wednesday, slamming them for having too few female executives.

“This cannot go on,” Barley told Germany’s Redaktions Netzwerk.

“I’ll give businesses one more year to take care of the issue themselves.

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I so hate that Merkel will win! I am angry for it too! Shit happens I guess. I do so hope she is defeated.
So but if I were 13 I would testify if I wanted. Merkel with her dry puss has no thought for women at all!

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Giving more pay to women to stop sexual assault? In American, we call this sexual harassment settlements. By acknowledging the crimes, she's also acknowledging who are creating the crimes. She probably has enough votes now from these refugees to stay in power and eventually turn Germany into a Sharia State. Can it be that the Germans gleaned their past history in the schools, so the people can't recognize the war that's coming again in their country?

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This coming from the woman who brought in Muslims to sexually assault and rape women in Germany!!!!

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Has Germany not suffered this woman long enough? She is delusional - does she really think all of the muslims she favors bringing into her country are going to tolerate a woman telling them what to do?

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She can try I guess, but she will not be in office much longer. She is going to be voted out of office and the new person will start deporting all of the muslims she let into the country.

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