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Sunday, 13 August 2017 13:50

Satellite Images Suggest North Korea Is About To Launch Missiles From Submarines

Written by  Regan Pifer

In the past several weeks, tensions have escalated between North Korea and the United States.

North Korea continues to ignore requests by several nations to cease the development and testing of nuclear missiles.

Instead, Kim Jong-un has been flexing his nuclear muscles–staging parades, running missile launch tests, threatening the United States. Anything and everything to make the majority of the world incredibly uncomfortable.

It seems a 21st-century Cold War is inevitable and now it appears we have satellite images to prove it.

According to The Sun:

NEW satellite images of North Korea bases appear to show the volatile state is overhauling its missile sub fleet as tension rises during the nuclear stand-off between Kim Jong-un and the US.

The pictures show activity at a test site which is scarily similar to preparations before the Stalinist nation’s last test of their Pukguksong-1 submarine-launched ballistic missile in August 2016.

The North Korean subs were seen in commercial satellite pictures.

These images did not surface until Trump tweeted on Friday that the United States military is “locked and loaded” — in case Kim Jong-un and North Korea decide to “act unwisely”.

We reported Friday that “North Korea has the technology to reach Guam and, potentially, Alaska and San Diego.

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China and Russia will soon learn if the US Missile Shield can stop their missiles. If we fail to stop N Korea's assault, then both of these Nuclear powers may well join N Korea and try to eliminate us as a world power, and protector of the smaller countries around the world. Freedom is in jeopardy and many are unaware of the devious plot to make slaves of us.

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North Korea: Submarines and missiles: If China has them, North Korea (and Pakistan) have them:

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Harry Townsend Written by Harry Townsend
August 14, 2017
Alyar: What is your point?

clinton obama and anyone who was connected to these administratons should charged with treasonous acts towards the American people and given long prison sentences.

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Thanks Clinton, how much did you pocket on that deal? Obama too with Iran, Just remember liberal wackos money can't buy you love, especially our enemies. There should be a lawsuit against these two!

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Big heads up and thank you to Clinton for giving them billions and Obama for kicking the can down the road and setting Iran up to follow suit. Who the hell pays their enemy not to accumulate arms to hurt others. Democrat stinkin thinking that is who.

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This means that we must eliminate Kim Jung Un IMMEDIATELY! There is no alternative.

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Robert Polans Written by Robert Polans
August 13, 2017
Probably eliminate, think Bin Laden. Or we have many other options: turn the world against them for keeping a free source of energy hidden. Then there are about 7 military ones. China? Think impotent country.


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