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Saturday, 12 August 2017 17:30

India heightens alert level after increased tensions with China

Written by  Leslie Eastman

India’s armed forces are “fully prepared” in the event of conflict with China.

Last month, we reported that a territorial dispute along the China-India border is threatening to turn into a military conflict.

Now, while the world’s attention is focused on North Korea, India has increased its alert level amid increased tension with China.

India’s military has increased operational readiness along the eastern Indian border with China, sources said, as neither side shows any sign of backing off from a face-off in a remote Himalayan region near their disputed frontier.

Indian and Chinese troops have been embroiled in the seven-week confrontation on the Doklam plateau, claimed by both China and India’s tiny ally, Bhutan.

While a repeat of the 1962 conflict between the two nations is not anticipated, the news underscores the interest countries have in this region.

India’s Defense Minister Arun Jaitley told parliament this week that the country’s armed forces are “fully prepared” in the event of conflict with China.

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that Indian troops in Sikkim, south of Doklam, have been put on heightened alert, although the news agency quoted an unnamed source as saying it was “out of caution.”

In 1962, India and China fought a bloody month-long border war.

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Xi who wants to be obeyed needs the Doka Lam scalp to cement his hegemony over the forthcoming Central Communist Party Jamboree. The Indian Army has acted to secure the Silliguri Corridor. The Indian Minister of External Affairs has made the official position plain in Parliament. The Indian State is getting to work on a nearly seventy year over due beefing up of the Armed Forces in a manner commensurate with India's external threats. Major internal threats like Islam and Maoism are reflections of the external threats of Pakistan and China.

It must be remembered that it was the US that funneled the Islamic bomb to Pakistan through Apartheid South Africa and the Netherlands via A.Q,Khan and that it was Pakistan that brokered the entente cordiale between the US and China in the Nixon-Kissinger years paving the way to China's rise beginning with the export of coolie manufactured christmas decorations to the US with materials plundered from unsuspecting third world countries. All this has grown into a vast empire of mineral exploitation operations around the World in exchange for doubtful quality infrastructure, OBOR and cat's paws like North Korea and Pakistan equipped with tactical nukes and missiles of Chinese design.

Kissinger's 1970s doctrines are very much the central pillar of US foreign policy and begot the Second Cold War when Clinton shredded the Reagan-Gorbachev deals by taking over the Baltics and went on to bomb Belgrade for 84 days to throw Bosnia and Kosovo into the maws of Islam. These include propping up Pakistan and China to contain India and the defunct Soviet Union respectively and the US-NATO-Sunni Axis forged with Petro Dollars by Nixon, Kissinger and Yamani, and which has directed global wars, economies, public opinion, terror and trade in contraband slaves, women, drugs, minerals, weapons and so on from the Oval Office ever since.

India has contributed to China's relative power through its own suicidal Constitution and laws that enshrine caste, tribe, religion etc based entitlements to suppress merit and integrity while fomenting extortion and corruption instead of a meritocracy as well as the foul suicidal policies of such charlatans as Gandhi who arranged for the genocide of more than 5 Million "Hindoos" and Nehru, who gifted Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Bengal, Gilgit- Baltistan and Kashmir to Islam (Pakistan); Tibet to China and who declined the Permanent Membership of the UN Security Council in favour of China. Nehru even arranged for the 1962 debacle in favour of China by waging war on his own armed forces. Since 1947, the Indian State has followed its Constitutionally predicated agenda of plundering India’s have and have-nots for the have lots with scant regard for national character, foreign policy or national security. This has been exacerbated by dismantling education, accountability and enshrining inequality under law as the leit motif of the Constitution and polity.

China has overwhelming military, technological and economic superiority over India. Both Pakistan (which is funded and armed by both the US and the Sunni Petro-Dollar Arabs) and North Korea are China's client cat's paw States, to which the anti-Hindoo Indian National Congress Party has contributed Nepal As a result, it can keep escalating action on the ground in slow and calibrated measures wearing out India over time with, like Islam and it's cat's paw, Pakistan, its Imperialist expansionist and hegemonic objectives unchanged. Exactly as it declared in respect of Taiwan.

Under the circumstances, only extreme pre emptive initiatives on India's side will help pull China down to a somewhat level playing field. However expensive. India must stop funding Chinese (and Pakistani) armament and adventurism through importing Chinese goods. It must also make clear that a Nuclear First Strike on West Punjab and the Three Gorges Dam will be inevitable if China does not withdraw from Gilgit-Baltistan, Leh, Ladakh, and Tibet (Northern Arunachal Pradesh).

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Tell them to behave!! In more important news my neighbor has a party every 5th monday of them month!!

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