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Saturday, 12 August 2017 19:00

Obama To “Re-emerge” This Fall In “Delicate Dance” With Democrats

Written by  Fuzzy Slippers

Leading from behind

Obama is said to be planning a return to the public stage this fall in a move that has some Democrat strategists concerned.  Unwanted as the “face” of the Democratic Party and unwilling to be the “foil” for Republicans, Obama is expected to campaign for candidates in deep blue territory and to fund-raise.

Town Hall reported last month:

The savior is returning. Barack Obama may get back into the trenches to help his party, which was widely expected, especially with the midterm season upon us. The former president is reportedly having regular check-ins with Democratic Party leaders, with speculation that he’s aiming to rebuild the party he helped destroy over the course of his presidency.

The era of the permanent Democratic majority that was talked about pervasively post-2008 crashed and burned after the 2010 midterms. Democrats passed a $1 trillion stimulus that didn’t do much and Obamacare saddled the middle class with skyrocketing premiums, less competition, and less choice. Most importantly, it was sold to the American voter as a lie. Remember if you like your plan/doctor, you can keep it under Obamacare? Well, you couldn’t keep your plan, nor could you keep your doctor.

Since Obama’s presidency, the Democratic Party has been decimated across the country.

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He can stay under the rock he crawled under! America does not want to look at your face again! Go back to Kenya where you came from!

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HA HA HA!! That worked really well for Hitlary!!!

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Instead of reemerge the proper term is ooze out from under the rock which a syphalitic buzzard during of dieing of disentary crapped on then dried in the sun thus birthing this thing knowns as Obammy. He thinks himself to be above GOD in HEAVEN so why would he not ooze back into the shadows to cause even more harm to AMERICA.

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Wish obama would go away, but then again perhaps the best for conservatives would be for obama to continue and finish his destruction of the liberal party in America?

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JayCee Scott Written by JayCee Scott
August 13, 2017
I would wish that the gay caballero would experience the late term abortion that his mother had planned to do.
jim stock Written by jim stock
August 13, 2017
guess he has a dream of taking America back , I have a dream that I wake up and read he took one in the back from a pissed off black.


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