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Wednesday, 31 December 1969 19:00

MSNBC Republican Claims 'Racist' GOP Policies, Racist Rally 'Is the Republican Party'

Written by  Brad Wilmouth

On Saturday's AM Joy, recurring MSNBC guest Kurt Bardella hyperbolically claimed that the white racist rally taking place in Charlottesville, Virginia, "is the Republican party on display," and declared that "a lot of" Republican policies are "racist.

" He also took aim at the right-leaning Breitbart News as he alleged that the rally -- which by that point had turned violent -- "is exactly the kind of stuff that they want to have happen and they hope to spread elsewhere."

Bardella -- a Republican known for distancing himself from Breitbart News after departing as its spokesman last year -- has made a name for himself appearing on both CNN and MSNBC bashing both President Donald Trump and his former business client. In this appearance on AM Joy, his over the top attacks on fellow Republicans made him fit quite well into the caricature of an MSNBC Republican who shows up mainly to agree with liberal guests without contributing any right-leaning analysis.

Before President Trump released a statement concerning the Charlottesville rally, the MSNBC program's group of panelists were calling on the President and other Republicans to condemn the white racist groups involved in the demonstration. After reading a statement from RNC chair Ronna McDaniel that had just been released, Bardella called for "more leadership" from Republicans and then added:

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Do these dumb asses ever come up with anything new, Racist my ass! get a life!

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Since it came from MSNBC we all know it to be Lies and BS!!! Pretty bad when the National enquirer and Onion are more reliable!!

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Resist, resist, resist. Obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. The left doesn't like it when the tables are turned.

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Tommy Tunez Written by Tommy Tunez
August 13, 2017
Kurt Bardella is a another one of Pig Vomit George Soros's paid protesters. The DNC, Pig Vomit George Soros and the Lame Stream Media brought this about by egging on the AntiFa and BLM Terrorists to go there and start crap. DNC, Pig Vomit George Soros and the Lame Stream Media are domestic terrorists and deserve to be treated as such.


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