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Friday, 11 August 2017 15:19

The Dastardly Art of Freshman Pawning

Written by  Jason Murphey

From Oklahoma State Representative Jason Murphey (R-Guthrie):

Much of the time and energy of this legislative session was consumed by the push to raise taxes, even if those taxes were unconstitutional.

This push was led by a group of "increase taxes at all cost" ideologues who deployed an array of tactics and strategies to convince their colleagues to raise taxes.

One such tactic utilized the deployment of the most systematic and aggressive strategy of freshman pawning that I have ever seen.

What is freshman pawning, you ask?

Freshman pawning is a particularly dastardly strategy utilized by appropriations leaders to give the newest legislators direct ownership of some of the most controversial components of appropriation leadership's agenda.

I saw this first hand as a member of the House Appropriations Committee where I often witnessed a freshman legislator presenting a tax increase on behalf of the Appropriations Committee Chairperson.

It is a great honor for a new legislator to receive a request for help from the high ranking appropriations leaders.

They would likely make their request after a bit of flattery.

“You are doing a great job so far. We have a complicated tax policy bill and will need someone with your intellectual firepower to guide it through the process.

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