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Tuesday, 08 August 2017 19:19

DOJ: Stolen Identification Docs Sold to Illegal Aliens and Used in Voter Fraud

Written by  Paul Crookston

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Six individuals have been charged in Boston federal court for the buying and selling of false identification documents. The documents were subsequently used in some cases to allow for fraudulent voter registration.

The Department of Justice alleges four state workers at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles cooperated with two other individuals to sell documents to illegal aliens. The complex operation involved stolen Puerto Rican Social Security cards and birth certificates. Clients would take those false documents to the now-charged RMV clerks in order to obtain drivers’ licenses and ID cards, according to the DOJ:

The scheme involved several steps. First, it is alleged that Flako, the document dealer, sold a Puerto Rican birth certificate and U.S. Social Security card to Brea, the document vendor, for approximately $900. Brea, in turn, sold the stolen identities for over $2,000 to clients seeking legitimate identities in Massachusetts. These clients included illegal aliens, individuals who were previously deported, and an individual who admitted to previously facing drug charges.

After Flako sold Brea the false identification papers, Brea typically used the counterfeit documents and false identities and addresses to fraudulently register the clients to vote in the City of Boston. Then, Brea and the client brought the stolen identities to the Haymarket RMV, where Medina, Gracia, Jordan, and/or Brimage would accept cash to illegally issue authentic RMV documents, including Massachusetts licenses and ID cards.

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Ever wonder why California suddenly went from Laughing at PRESIDENT Trumps accusations to now denying the investigators access!! If it was so ridiculous WHY not let them prove it one way or another!!! Suddenly it isn't funny anymore!! They cannot LIE and say it would expose Private citizens!! Odummy altrady unmasked and spied on EVERYONE!!! Also the Feds already have everyones info anyway!!!

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So, if we're issuing sanctions to the Russians for supposedly interfering in the election, what happens to these people who were caught? If this happened in Massachusetts, it probably happened in most all the states and was instituted by the Democrats. Finally the DOJ steps up.

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Cue the hamster theme song...... It took them this long to figure this out?

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Yup the liberals are correct there was no non US citizen that voted in the election...(yes that was sarcasm)

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Robert Webster Written by Robert Webster
August 09, 2017
To Marby
No one that I have heard said there was no voter fraud the statements were "There was very little voter fraud."
There is no possible way to avoid some voter fraud, there are persons living ligitamate lives who have changed their names to avoid arrest of just get lost, and neither party is less guilty than the other.
The 6 people convicted of voter fraud were registered as both parties and 3 said in court they voted for Trump, so making it look like Liberals are the only one who would commit voter fraud is just to stir the pot, never based on facts even the article did not say that.
Jackson Brannon Written by Jackson Brannon
August 09, 2017
Robert Webstr will now tell EVERYONE WHY California was giving Illegals D/L with the right to vote?? WHY Webby is California fighting to keep Officials from voter investigation??? I thought they felt it was funny and ridiculous that Illegals were voting??? If it is why not let them PROVE it!!!!! Hypocricy is a disease!!!
In reply to an earlier comment

Larry Reade Written by Larry Reade
August 10, 2017
Liberalism, no matter what term you use to describe it, is a mental illness. Bobby seems to have a rather severe case of it.


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