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Monday, 07 August 2017 09:55

Christie on Drug Epidemic: ‘We Have a 9/11 Scale Loss of Life Every 3 Weeks

Written by  Melanie Arter

(CNSNews.com) – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who leads the president’s commission on opioid abuse, has called for the president to declare a national emergency on drug abuse, telling CNN’s “State of the Union with Jake Tapper” on Sunday that the number of Americans who die from drug overdoses is on “a 9/11 scale” every three weeks.

“According to the CDC, 142 people a day are dying in America of drug overdoses. This means, Jake, that we have a 9/11-scale loss of life every three weeks,” Christie said. “I don't -- if that's not a national health emergency, I don't know what is.

“And the fact is, we have got to stop the suffering in this country, and we need to be aggressive about it. And that's why we're talking about increased treatment, increased medication-assisted treatment, making sure that we interdict fentanyl and some of these other drugs at the border as they come in, and strengthen our ability to do that, and to work on education to try to prevent people from starting this before by educating their doctors,” he said. Christie said he’s had a really good response from the White House to his interim report request that the president declare a national health emergency.

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Drugs will always be available and misused as the industry is supported and gets support for the drug dealers. These people are called upper echelon elitist government officials who will never take on the industry BECAUSE they are pocketing money from them, legal suppliers as well as illegal suppliers!

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Let me tell you all a short story:

14 weeks ago I had 18 teeth removed from my head in 22 minutes. It hurt like crazy. I was given a 5-day supply of Oxycontin. I took them for two days and rid myself of the rest. Why? Because I wanted to avoid drug habituation. I probably could have taken them all and not become addicted, but didn't want to take the risk. Pain can be tolerated but the thought of habituation/addiction frightens me to death.

I'll take the pain of injury over the remote chance of addiction any day.

End of story.

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These IDIOTS are SNORTING pain pills to get high and the Libtyrds and Politicians are blaming the doctors and Pharmacy companies!! Can anyone say STUPID!!!

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(Updated: August 07, 2017)

Big Pharma and Big Med approve, Make Billions $$ and aid and abet this scourge.

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We do not have an opiiod epidemic,,, We have an irresponsible people epidemic..
My opinion is that public schools are largely to blame. We are turning out people too stupid to understand directions on a bottle. We have alinsky radicals too stupid to actually engineer their crises, so they engineer the environment for many crises of all manner.
Some things require the remedy that would avoid getting to all these crises in the first place.

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Luonne Dumak Written by Luonne Dumak
August 07, 2017
death penelty for drug dealers, including illegal dealers. No trials, just death.
Simon Redwine Written by Simon Redwine
August 07, 2017
It's not really the drugs. With the addictive ones you just put the addicted on a working 'vacation' for a couple weeks. Like a dude ranch or camp situation. It's cheaper than failed rehab scams. Let their heads rewire while their body adapts. Let them sign up for it, or get sentenced and then sign up for it as an alternative. We have gone so far down the wrong path for so long, now an industry of 'therapists and jailers' has taken over. Those solutions are what has failed. They have become scams..


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