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Sunday, 06 August 2017 13:38

Nationwide Manhunt Underway For Violent, Mentally-Disturbed Fugitive

Written by  Brian Thomas

The manhunt continues for Branden Powell, the rape suspect who escaped custody on Friday while being transported to Paulding County Jail in northwest Ohio.

We first reported on the manhunt here.

Now, new details have emerged about Powell’s background as the hunt for the fugitive goes national.

Fox News reports:

Paulding County Sheriff Jason Landers said Saturday that FBI agents and U.S. Marshals have joined the search for Branden Powell, 32, after his escape around noon Friday on an 80-mile trip from a psychiatric hospital in Toledo to the Paulding County Jail in northwest Ohio.

Powell is armed, has a history of psychiatric problems and violent offenses, and he’s nowhere to be found.

While on transit to the county jail, Powell jumped over a seat to put the deputy driving the vehicle into a headlock, causing the deputy to crash into a ditch.

After a struggle, Powell managed to take the deputy’s gun and force the deputy to remove his restraints.

Fox News continues:

Powell then handcuffed the deputy to the steering wheel and disabled the van’s police radio and engine before fleeing with the deputy’s wallet, cellphone, gun and 30 rounds of ammunition, Landers said.

The deputy suffered minor injuries.

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I agree with Walt Walters.

This criminal should have been in a white jacket with his arms secured with those extra long sleeves that actually lock behind him and inside a secured van and wearing a face mask so he could not use his mouth to inflict harm on anyone.

Now, when they find him it should be as Corsica states, Shoot to kill.

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My first thoughts after reading this article are;
#1: Why is he being transported 80 miles by a NON-police van with prisoner access to the driver?
#2: Why is he being transported 80 miles by only ONE deputy in such a situation?
#3: How did he gain access to the deputy if he were "properly" restrained?
This all sounds like a comedy of errors probably due to monetary constraints of the police department involved.
NOT GOOD. It's very fortunate that the deputy was not killed by this 'nut case'.

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Shoot to kill.

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(Updated: August 06, 2017)

If he's so violent, why didn't he hurt the cop? Just saying, we have more violent people out on the streets, so why is the FBI and US Marshals so concerned about this one.

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Why wasn't there a separating metal screen between the front and back seats like there is in every police vehicle that I've ever seen ? Pretty stupid County Jail.

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L HYAK Written by L HYAK
August 06, 2017
Really good to hear this basket case did not kill the guard and inflicted only minor injury......Maybe he's not as violent as he is suspected of being.......hopefully.....
In reply to an earlier comment

Brad Stewart Written by Brad Stewart
August 06, 2017
I hear ya !

wouldn't it be possible to locate the cell phone if he ever uses it?

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Jerry Collins Written by Jerry Collins
August 06, 2017
I suppose it is politically incorrect, but the more information the public has, the more apt he is to get caught. For example: With that beard he looks like a Muslim, is he?

For a minute, when I read the headline, I thought they were talking about schumer.

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Ed Mattson Written by Ed Mattson
August 06, 2017
You could never get Schumer's head in a headlock. To do so one would have to admit that Schumer has a head and that would indicate there was a possibility there might be a brain inside that POS that sits on top of his shoulders. I know you have heard the often used phrase to describe Democrats that most of them "have sh*t for brains", but I think Schumer is a couple of farts short of a complete brain!

Washington, District of CORRUPTION has a lot of these types so look there first?

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Eric J. Martindale Written by Eric J. Martindale
August 06, 2017
Ha. That is where they all seem to migrate to. Case closed. You might think about applying for the US Marshalls Service.

Who was the deputy, Barney Fife?

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JayCee Scott Written by JayCee Scott
August 06, 2017
Suspected felons should be transported in restraints. How was this suspect allowed to travel in a vehicle as was described. Circumstances sound rather fishy that either deputy had no idea what they were doing or else suspect was allowed to escape.
Barney Fife never had 30 rounds of ammo. Andy was too smart for that.


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