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Friday, 04 August 2017 09:07

12,425,000: Manufacturing Jobs Hit Highest Level Since Obama’s Inauguration

Written by  Terence P. Jeffrey

(CNSNews.com) - Manufacturing jobs in the United States hit their highest level since Barack Obama was inaugurated president in January 2009, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In January 2009, according to BLS’s seasonally adjusted numbers, there were 12,561,000 people employed in manufacturing in the United States. In February of that year, the number of people employed in manufacturing dropped to 12,380,000—a one-month decline of 181,000.

In July 2017, according to BLS preliminary seasonally adjusted numbers, there were 12,425,000 employed in manufacturing. That is the largest number of people employed in manufacturing, according to BLS, in any month since January 2009.

During Obama’s presidency, manufacturing employment would never again rise to the 12,561,000 number it stood at the month he was inaugurated.

By February and March of 2010, employment in manufacturing would drop to an Obama-era nadir of 11,453,000—a decline of 1,108,000 from Obama’s inauguration month.

When Donald Trump was inaugurated president in January 2017, employment in manufacturing stood at 12,355,000—or still 206,000 below the level when Obama was inaugurated eight years before.

In July, according to BLS preliminary seasonally adjusted numbers, there were 12,425,000 people employed in manufacturing. This is still 136,000 below the level of manufacturing employment in the month Obama was inaugurated—but it is the highest level of manufacturing employment since that month and 70,000 more than the 12,355,000 employed in manufacturing the month Trump was inaugurated.

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Last modified on Friday, 04 August 2017 11:15

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maybe someday the democrats will wake up and more will change to republicans which means for the people, demoxxx means against the people, it is live evil vs good.

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Floyd J Hardee Written by Floyd J Hardee
August 06, 2017
Undoing Obama's many mess ups is a really big job, but Donald Trump is up to it!
Merridee Pavlenko Written by Merridee Pavlenko
August 06, 2017
I knoq hew He is up to it, he is not a quieter, and can't be bought off and this upsets the democrats, he will clean the swamp.

Odummy's idea was to regulate companies out of existence!! That and to aide them to move out of the country!! Gee I wonder why the Demorats are losing!!! Even Democrats are turning to Republicans!!!

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Let's see. Trump might be a bit of a bombast... but he is also a ... businessman. He didn't promise MI handouts... he said he would create jobs. Hillary got Detroit (no surprise) but Trump got most of the rest of MI. What we need to do next is to clean out Congress. Maybe if we diverted the Potomac river through it, that could work. It did with the Augean Stables.

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Dale Ruff Written by Dale Ruff
August 04, 2017
So there are fewer manufacturing jobs than in the month that Obama took office, and if we look at February, as the Bush Recession played out, there were 40,000 less than last month. Let's see: 40,000 more jobs with 20 million more people! And all these new jobs are part of the effects of Obama's budget, in effect till Oct 1, and his economic/fiscal policies since Trump has made no new policies that have taken effect.

If Trump had 1/3 of a brain, he would point out how the new numbers show an actual decline given 20 million new people and blame it on Obama. But he is so hungry for a success, that he will distort the value of the numbers and steal the credit (which should be blame) from the President who preceded him. What a moron!
In reply to an earlier comment

Mike Woolbert Written by Mike Woolbert
August 04, 2017
If you had a 1/3 of a brain you would realize that Obama - or what his name really is was an impostor - a community organizer who had to surrender his license to practice law to avoid prosecution for lying on his bar application. In the coming months all will be revealed the Clintons corruption - the wheels have been falling off their bus all over town.
You will also come to learn that the IT guys hired by Crooked Debbie Wasserman Schultz - who was also heavily involved in Rigging the nomination for Hillary - Those IT guys had a very long time to acquire and diapers a whole lot of information. The Russian hacks have been a smoke screen to try and cover the truth up. All you have to do is sit back and watch you will get an education.
Jackson Brannon Written by Jackson Brannon
August 04, 2017
Dale is not smart enough to remember that Trump SAVED more jobs than Odummy ever did!!! Ford did NOT move to Mexico and neither did Trane and the company in Indiana!! Odummy regulated corporations OUT of the country or existence!! He hated Americans and it showed very plain!!! Trump is bringing in Companies and deregulating so companies can exist!!!

This could pose a problem for the alinsky-obama leftists who sought a massively unemployed youth sector, with which to deploy as disaffected hourly paid buss-ables, face mask and stick in hand...
Anyone else figure that ploy out yet?

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