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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 13:19

Levin Mocks Sanders on Single Payer: ‘Cut the Crap … This Is about Us’

Written by  Michael Morris

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Monday, host Mark Levin mocked Senator Bernie Sanders (D-NY) for promoting single payer health care and blaming insurance companies for high prices, saying, ““Oh, cut the crap … this is about us.

“Oh, cut the crap!” Mark Levin said. “‘Taking on the insurance companies.’ Half of them are in bed with you. All these phony arguments: ‘Hey, taking on the insurance companies.’ Ladies and gentlemen, this is about us.

Levin’s comments stem from a CNN State of the Union interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders, wherein Sanders again pushed for single payer health care following the Senate’s failed repeal efforts.

Below is a transcript of Levin's remarks from Monday’s show:

Levin: “California -- their budget typically is about a hundred and eighty billion dollars -- and even the left-wing kooks had some sharpened pencils and they took it to paper and they said, ‘Wait a minute, this will cost us two hundred billion dollars.’ So they slowed it down.

“‘Oh, it’s not done yet. It’s not done in California yet, you know. No, it’s not done yet. Maybe I’ll have my wife -- maybe she’ll be the head accountant over there in California.

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There are two major errors in the first portion of this article. 1) Bernie Sanders is a Senator from Vermont NOT New York, although that is where he was born. 2) Sen. Sanders is an independent, not a Democrat. He did not run on the Democrat Party ticket. (Makes no difference, as Sen. Sanders is a communist, as are most Democrats.)

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Bernie sellout Sanders wants Socialism!! I guess the fallout in Venezuella right now is what he truly wants for our country!! My guess is he wants to take over insurance like colleges so his wife can Bankrupt that as well!!

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