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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 14:01

Politically Incorrect Bill Clinton Joke Is Absolutely HILARIOUS!

Written by  TFPP Writer

Calvin Freiburger reports that this is just too good.

On Thursday, former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush got together for an event at the latter’s Presidential Center. It was about reflections on the presidency and I’m sure it was all very kumbaya.

The friendship between Dubya and the pathological-lying serial rapist who preceded him has always been more than a little sickening, by the way, but that’s another rant for a different day.

Here, we want to highlight some very interesting comments Slick Willy made on what it takes to win the presidency in the first place:

I think you have to begin with the end in mind.

Yeah, you have to win the election, but why in the Heck are you running?

That’s the other thing I notced about [President Bush]. When he ran for governor against Ann Richards, he didn’t say Ann Richards is a klutz. He said I want to be governor because I want to do these three things.

A couple of them I didn’t agree with, but he had an agenda.

If you want to be president, realize it is about the people, not about you.

Good advice.

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Bill Clinton NOW wears boxer shorts. The one time he was actually able to get it up and make it with Hillary resulted in the gross mistake when he was able to remove his briefs in a hurry, in order to create Chelsea. After that he learned his lesson.

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And the joke was?????? I think if Bill hadn't been married to Hitlary he probably wouldn't have messed around so much!! I mean seriously, could you imagine rolling over in bed to do THAT thing??? Especially with the knowledge that she got knocked up by Hubbel!!! I would seriously have to think about joining seminary before boinking that cankle in a pantsuit!!

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