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Sunday, 30 July 2017 09:13

All The ‘Racist’ Nations That Require Voter ID…

Written by  TFPP Writer

Calvin Freiburger reports the biggest irony of Democrats’ incessant bleating that Russia somehow manipulated the 2016 election to make Donald Trump the president (in the absence of any evidence) is that Democrats have always been the biggest beneficiaries of actual election “hacking” — not by foreign powers, but by domestic political thugs engaged in voter fraud.

Minnesota Democrat Al Franken almost certainly stole his Senate seat, and Democrats consistently oppose the most simple and practical election-integrity measures such as photo ID.

So one might expect smart Democrats to try to shy away from inviting reminders of their own record on the democratic process while pushing the Russian-hacking narrative.

Apparently Dick Durbin isn’t one of the smart ones — if there are any left in the Democrat Party.

LifeZette reports that over the weekend, the Illinois Democrat and Senate Minority Whip declared that President Trump’s commission currently investigating election integrity is not only an attempt at voter suppression, but in effect does the bidding of the Kremlin. Somehow.

.@POTUS's voter fraud commission wants to suppress the right to vote and discredit our Democratic process. Exactly what Vladimir Putin wants https://t.co/nHqfREgxgV

— Senator Dick Durbin (@SenatorDurbin) July 23, 2017

Durbin was responding to an op-ed published Thursday in The Washington Post called “Kobach is a ‘useful idiot’ for Russia.

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(Updated: July 31, 2017)

Al Franken (sp) is in lock step with the other clones in the Democrat party. Do these people become "stupid" because they became Democrats? Or were they genetically "stupid," therefore being lured by those of their own kind?

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(Updated: July 30, 2017)

Al Frankenstien did lose the vote. Over 200 felons voted illegal to begin with. Also because Mn.Sec. Of State was a member of Acorn so they kept "finding" more ballots until they got the answer they wanted. That is how we ended up with Obama care.

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Paul Conely Written by Paul Conely
July 30, 2017
Take a look at ALL their "LEADERS" in MINNESOTA.... and NOW ya know why they changed the state spelling to MINNESO-DUH.


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