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Wednesday, 21 June 2017 13:10

Flint Officer Stabbed in Neck at Airport, Suspect Yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’

Written by  Trey Sanchez

There are multiple reports coming in regarding a possible terror attack at Bishop Airport in Flint, Michigan. An officer, Lt. Jeff Neville, was stabbed in the neck by a Canadian-born suspect who reportedly yelled “Allahu Akbar” before the attack.

The airport was evacuated and is now closed. The FBI is on the scene, leading the investigating. No one else was harmed in the attack. Neville is out of surgery and listed in stable condition.

One witness saw Neville on his hands and knees bleeding badly from his neck as she entered the airport for her flight. Others describe the suspect as having a “husky build” and a “blank look” on his face. Officers had the suspect cuffed and a knife was on the ground nearby.

Michigan has the largest Muslim population in the United States. The city of Hamtramck, near Detroit, is considered the first majority-Muslim city in the country. Flint, where the attack occurred, is about 70 miles north of Detroit.

Stay tuned for updates.

BREAKING: Officer stabbed at airport in Flint, Mich., in possible terror act pic.twitter.com/5Hv7PSqF7U

— Fox News (@FoxNews) June 21, 2017
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Last modified on Wednesday, 21 June 2017 14:12

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Oh NOOOO!!! The first thing that we must ALL do is assure every Muslim in the country that we do not blame THEM for this, and that we know for certain that Islam doesn't condone this sort of ANTI-MUSLIM violence--because Islam is A RELIGION OF PEACE.


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Manny Beltran Written by Manny Beltran
June 21, 2017
And ask them to prove it to us by having a public show where all of them get showered with some bacon grease and participate in a BBQ pork eating contest.

I would just like to know how much money are the local politicians going to accept AGAINST their own citizens to allow this kind of carnage to go on?
Actually how long are the local citizens going to keep on voting in these idiots that take money to bring these ANTI-Americans into their cities to run amok because their religion says that they can?

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"Michigan has the largest Muslim population in the United States. " Do you need any more explanations???

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Janet Fox Written by Janet Fox
June 22, 2017
Look at his name but it says he is a citizen of Canada. WE know where he's from and kudos to Canada for letting them just flow in unvetted. Wait! So are we...unless some stupid people wake up and realize...we have to stop this! I still go for the skittle analogy...one bad skittle, you throw them all out because you don't know which one will kill you. WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!

You will not hear about this on CNN

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JayCee Scott Written by JayCee Scott
June 21, 2017
I'm afraid that this is the year we start to wipe islam from the face of the earth. Survival of our species depends on eliminating our main enemy which is radical islam. The muslims have proven to society that there is no peaceful muslim, only radicals who have not shown us their agenda quite yet.
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Leonid Bokarius Written by Leonid Bokarius
June 21, 2017
You are absolutely right. And we are not to be afraid but to be happy if "this is the year we start to wipe islam from the face of the earth". This ideology of murder should cease to exist.

I sure hope the 9th circuit court is watching this...because it is just one of many that will be placed at their feet....for turning the law into politics' for the Globalists allegiance...The whole 9th circuit should be impeached...period!

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Tommy Fox Written by Tommy Fox
June 21, 2017
This is (Flint) not is their jurisdiction. Not that the 9th circuit is blameless in Trumps travel ban. Do you people know that there are (no go areas) for non muslims in the Flint area???? Just as there are in Dublin, Ireland and locations in Great Britain.
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Ronald Cleveland Written by Ronald Cleveland
June 22, 2017
The 9th circuit is allowing ISIS fighter's to flood into the nation...where they go is most likely high Muslim population areas for support...freeing them to plot.


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