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Saturday, 10 June 2017 14:29

House, Senate committees want Trump tapes, Comey memos

Written by  Fox News

House and Senate lawmakers leading the investigation into the Russia probe have asked the White House to produce tapes President Trump hinted might exist of a conversation between him and ousted FBI Director James Comey.

They also made a formal request to the Comey camp for copies of the memos he testified he made to document the meetings.

The requests come on the heels of explosive allegations by Comey and a string of strong denials by Trump over the abrupt dismissal of the FBI director and the circumstances surrounding it.

Comey testified Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee that he’d given a memo that detailed a conversation with Trump to his friend, Daniel Richman, a law professor at Columbia University.

On Friday, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, reached out to Comey’s confidant and the committee confirmed Saturday that they had been in touch with Richman about the memo.

“Mr. Richman has had direct contact with the Committee about the request for the memos.,” the committee told Fox News. “Staff for Special Counsel Mueller and the Committee are also in discussions about that request and others, in preparation for a meeting between Mueller and Committee leadership.”

Richman confirmed to Fox News he met with Senate lawmakers though the office of special counsel Robert Mueller, who is spearheading the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

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Are you also requesting all of the Obama/Clinton emails that were destroyed? Are you requesting the Obama/Comey tapes where he said he met with Obama only twice in eight years? Are you requesting to know if Obama found something through NSA spying, that he could use and did use to make Comey into one of his loyal soldiers? Trump NEVER said there were tapes, in fact his words were "You better hope there are not tapes"! So demand away, you leftist traitors and anti Trump dummies who are not looking out for America known as RINO's. Trump is the hope for America and those who want America destroyed are against him. Pure and simple, there are only two sides to this feud! Which side are you on, America's or ISIS?

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The committee needs to request the actual computer that Coney wrote those so called memos on. As they will provide the actual date/time stamp buried within the hard drive in case the originals may have been tampered with.

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Having Mueller as special counsel is now akin to having my husband as the judge on my case (with my Mother standing behind him).

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Jo McKinley Written by Jo McKinley
June 11, 2017
I agree with Karen. How is it the left always manages to get "a wonderful, pure, non political person" to conduct hearings against Conservatives? We then find out that they are in tight with the left and they sock it to the conservative without batting an eye. In other words, it always looks like to me that they have found something on the person they appoint and make sure the appointee knows it. Examples, John Roberts of the Supreme Court, James Comey of the FBI.


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