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Friday, 19 May 2017 16:07

Real World Utopia Comes at a Terrible Price: Freedom

Written by  Michael Morris

This is a little different from what I am known for. Actually, it’s very different.

Last night, I watched the latest two episodes of the Hulu original series, “Handmaid’s Tale.” The series is based on a book written and released back in 1985.

It is classified as a utopian and Dystopian work of fiction.

First you must understand by whom the work of fiction was written. Funny enough, it’s a work of fiction about the United States of America written by a Canadian woman by the name of Margaret Atwood. The setting of the novel? Well, the setting in right smack in the middle of the cradle of American freedom, the recognized birthplace of the USA. It is set in New England – Boston to be exact. Yes, Boston.

How can it be both utopian and dystopian at the same time? Yea, I asked myself that question too. But then I remembered a line by one of the main characters. The point was made loud and clear.

The line was made after the main character, the Handmaid, asked a question in response to being told, “We are making it better.” She asked, “Better for everyone?”

The answer actually stunned me to my core.

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Pardon me, but this is a "stupid" article. The answer to the maid's question is obvious. Since "her" kind is unable to give her a job to make a living, "they" are, indeed, making it better. Period. The rest is class-war, known better as bolchevisme.

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