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Friday, 19 May 2017 01:00

CNN’s Stelter Attacks Conservative Media for Comey ‘Counter-Narrative’

Written by  Nicholas Fondacaro

After a whirlwind week in Washington, D.C. with the liberal media pouncing on every Trump news development as if it was the final nail in his presidency, CNN’s ‘ridiculous figure’ Brian Stelter and Anderson Cooper attacked Conservative media for not sharing their excitement.

Downplay, deflect and deny. Conservative media types are at it again, whipping up alternative theories to explain away the threat that James Comey poses to President Trump,” Stelter chastised on Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday night.

Cooper led into the segment by taking a swipe at Fox News, saying: “If you turn on the President’s favorite TV channel lately you’d think it was based a Salem, Massachusetts instead of Midtown Manhattan.” He then bitterly argued that “And it’s not just Fox News the right-wing media, in general, has adopted a strategy to try to convince its customers, including the President, that there is no ‘there’ there.

Stelter wasted no time in tearing down numerous Fox hosts and other conservative personalities. “The theories are all over the place from ‘Comey broke the law,’” he said as he played a clip of Ainsley Earhardt exclaiming that “It is illegal if James Comey felt like the President was asking him to end an investigation and he thought it was obstruction of justice and he didn't report it immediately.

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No credibility whatsoever from CNN or any commentators. Boycott their sponsors!

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James Dionne Written by James Dionne
May 19, 2017
Evidently, Mr. Stelter is ignorant of the law. The FBI Director is required to report any attempt of obstruction of justice under US Code 18 and I believe US code 24. Also, on 5/3/2017 - Mr, Comey is on video tape denying that Mr. Trump or anyone from his administration had attempted to influence his investigation. Mr. Stelter must be held accountable for making his claim.


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