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Thursday, 18 May 2017 00:53

Sick: Kimmel Jokes Trump Could Shoot Dead ‘Fox and Friends’ Co-Host, Still Have Show’s Support

Written by  Curtis Houck

During the opening monologue of his eponymous ABC late-night comedy show Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel crudely joked that President Trump could shoot dead one of the three co-hosts on the Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends and still have the other two’s full support.

“Those three on Fox & Friends, Trump could shoot one in the heart live on the air, the surviving two would still defend Donald Trump,” Kimmel joked to the delight of his liberal audience. And yes, this was in reference to Trump's own joke about being able to shoot someone on New York City and not lose some of his supporters.

Kimmel had just played a clip from CNN contributor Michael Weiss knocking Republicans when he introduced one from Wednesday’s Fox & Friends, stating that the show “did everything possible to put a positive spin on what many believe was an obstruction of justice.”

Here’s the Fox & Friends exchange that aired:

PETER DOOCY: Regarding Michael Flynn, he said, I hope you can let this go. Now, some people are saying, well, clearly he's ordering the FBI Director to end the investigation. You know, some people are saying, does it rise to the level of obstruction of justice? Not so fast.

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Kimmel has gone too far on this one. Nobody should be shooting any one!
Kimmel should look at the shootings in Chicago - make "jokes" about the inept Mayor's ability to deal with it
(Oh, I forgot - the Mayor is a Democrat).

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If it were either Bob or Juan or both I wouldn't care at all.

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(Updated: May 18, 2017)

If Pres were to shoot any fool it would be Kimmel as he is as funny as a heat attack. He needs to get rid of his Mexican beard as he looks the part of a sad fool who forgets to shave. That's no beard it's just a 5 O'clock Shadow grown by lazy assed men.

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Geez Kimmel, ever watch, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC??? Your not even funny!

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These television Leftist morons are beneath contempt. Time to stop giving them any more publicity than they deserve, which is none.

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