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Thursday, 18 May 2017 00:22

Special Counsel for Trump — but Not for Obama Scandals?

Written by  Joel B. Pollak


Viewed in isolation, the decision by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate possible connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian government is defensible, and even good, though unnecessary.

Rosenstein was virtually a consensus appointment and was perfectly capable of supervising the investigation in a fair, impartial and credible manner.

However, Rosenstein was part of President Donald Trump’s decision to fire James Comey as FBI director last week. Critics allege that was an attempt to interfere in the Russia investigation.

By delegating the task of overseeing the investigation to someone outside of that decision chain, Rosenstein has protected the integrity of his office and the image of the investigation. The fact that Mueller worked under the previous administration also helps in that regard.

But viewed in recent historical context, the appointment of a Special Counsel is unfair and indefensible. President Barack Obama faced a large number of scandals, many of which involved apparent violations of federal law. And yet in eight long years, Obama skated by without any serious investigations by the Department of Justice, or with investigations that were quashed from above. It seems Republican administration are held to a higher standard.

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Republicans in congress are useless pussies that are too afraid to do anything unlike the democrats.

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One should know by now that Washington abides by a double standard. Leftists have the benefit of the doubt in all matters whereas conservatives are considered guilty before innocence. Joseph Stalin is looking up with glee to know that his godless and unethical political standards are alive and thriving in this country.

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It goes to show the Clinton Crime Family, the Obama organization are above the law with help from the intelligence community. Hello hypocricy and welcom to socialism.

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Merely another example of the uneven field in America now, but then it's a higher standard required for conservatives in America than for the dems.

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The double standard continues.

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Barbro Nygren Written by Barbro Nygren
May 18, 2017
The difference is the Communists/Democrats are a Crime Syndicate interwoven with politicians in the Clinton Crime cabal and most of our government agencies.We are looking at PURE EVIL in the so called Democrat party
In reply to an earlier comment

Harry Townsend Written by Harry Townsend
May 18, 2017
Absolutely true. America is on the downhill slide to socialism.


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