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Reviews written by Ellen Dale

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Ellen DaleEllen Dale   October 18, 2017

President Trump would never be disrespectful to the mother of a slain soldier....I believe this is a contrived narrative from Rep. Frederica Wilson.....She is a Democrat who dislikes our President...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   October 18, 2017

When she was running for President I honestly prayed to God everyday, "please do not let her win".....I really believe she has some psychological problems.....I don't want to imagine her...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   October 17, 2017

This is so embarrassing....She went to another country and spoke like that....I cannot imagine what the people of London must have thought.....What is this #100 people or events that caused...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   October 13, 2017

Amazing isn't it.....These celebrities have said some terrible things about President Trump and yet they are out there groping and raping women.....The HIPOCRISY is deafening....It took Hillary Clinton 5 days...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   October 12, 2017

This sleazy dipicable man, and I use the word man loosely, is standing up for another sleaze.....Stop blaming President Trump for her behavior....She brought this on herself....Liberals are always blaming...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   October 12, 2017

President Trump had to do this.....Obamacare is going to implode....I live in the state of Florida and we have one insurance carrier, one!....Some states have none....You will now be able...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   October 09, 2017

Wow..2 weeks and probably with pay....Their punishments stink!!!...Give her some time and she'll be blabbing from her mouth again.....This is so unbelievable....If a conservative said this about Obama, he or...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   October 09, 2017

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have no intentions working with President Trump on anything unless it goes their way.....This is why we can't get anything done....It all has to be...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   October 08, 2017

I have never heard such whining.....The left is so good at it.....Oh, and sueing, they're good at that too....I thought this is what Planned Parenthood was good for....Get your birth...

Ellen DaleEllen Dale   October 06, 2017

For heavens sake ladies pay for your own birth control......When I used the pill my insurance did not pay for it...... None of my friends or myself made a big...

77 results - showing 1 - 10  
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