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Reviews written by Pamela Parris

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Pamela ParrisPamela Parris   October 13, 2017

A Federal Court already ruled the subsidies were illegal - the only thing these liberal states will be successful in doing is wasting more taxpayer money

Pamela ParrisPamela Parris   October 06, 2017

Where is this information coming from? Before everyone starts pouncing on the POTUS with the out of control emotional outbursts (namely below Reviewer Larry Schwabe), as usual, can we wait...

Pamela ParrisPamela Parris   October 03, 2017

I find it incredibly shocking how a female crook that has no voice in our government, can open her mouth and the dimwits in Congress just bow down and conform...

Pamela ParrisPamela Parris   October 03, 2017

You think? Perhaps if you and the other lazy butts in Congress would come up with a healthcare plan, this would be taken care of! It's obvious Obamacare...

Pamela ParrisPamela Parris   October 02, 2017

Well, where's the information proving the man had links to ISIS??? I don't care that he was a gambling man - is the why behind the mass killing of innocent...

Pamela ParrisPamela Parris   September 26, 2017

The reason for the uptick was due to curiosity of how many young millionaires would spit on our flag and insult our brave soldiers

Pamela ParrisPamela Parris   September 12, 2017

Wonderful! I hope they all three lose their license to practice law ever again since they obviously don't know the laws, or right from wrong

Pamela ParrisPamela Parris   September 11, 2017

Kudos to Steve Brannon - Awesome interview! #MAGA

Pamela ParrisPamela Parris   September 11, 2017

This is b/s. Here are US Senators that have sworn to uphold the US Constitution and at the same time violating that foundation, for all to see, through a religious...

Pamela ParrisPamela Parris   September 08, 2017
(Updated: September 08, 2017)

An Italian explorer replaced by a drug addict - Welcome to the crumbling of America and likewise, it's decayed morals and values! A good read about Columbus from...

33 results - showing 1 - 10  
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