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Reviews written by Fred C

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Fred CFred C   August 06, 2017

So glad we trust the gov't scum that tell us all day that they work for us. What were they inspecting, their plans for one of their upcoming days off?...

Fred CFred C   August 05, 2017

This woman is pretty much nuts. She may even know at this point that all of her shtick is just a joke to laugh at.

Fred CFred C   August 05, 2017

This is incredible. Why don't we just make a law that says you can't have any opinions of your own. You have to follow the gov't edicts 100%.

Fred CFred C   June 20, 2017

I think Trump is the last line of defense against morons like jim carrey

Fred CFred C   May 23, 2017

What is she basing the idea that there are "dirty secrets" on, some dossier from some brit expert?

7 results - showing 1 - 7  


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