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Reviews written by Ruth Dickman

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Ruth DickmanRuth Dickman   August 04, 2017

grand jury my ass- how about grand ripoff of the people who trusted-believe in Trump-- just another way to prove that people who live/work in Washington DC for the federal...

Ruth DickmanRuth Dickman   July 27, 2017

one piece of shit talking about another piece of shit -- just do your damn job--and get the job done -- let us get this country back to being great...

Ruth DickmanRuth Dickman   July 25, 2017

the Special Council NEEDS to go-- all he is doing is the DemocRat work to try and get rid of TRUMP=--- wont work cause in the end Trump...

Ruth DickmanRuth Dickman   July 24, 2017

time to move your opinion in the right direction -- try the clintons and obama are the biggest crooks n politics and personality nobody really gives a damn what you...

Ruth DickmanRuth Dickman   June 18, 2017

time to rid this country of the liberals that have had control of this country for the past 8 years with the illegal president of the time---- If the...

Ruth DickmanRuth Dickman   June 12, 2017

maybe that is why is such a liar -- completes with the other members of the white house liar club-- obama- lynch- holder- clintons- comey--maybe they should all join forces...

Ruth DickmanRuth Dickman   June 10, 2017

maybe your fitness to serve should be question cause you lost 6 out of the 7 marbles you had and dont you think it is time to retire before the...

Ruth DickmanRuth Dickman   June 08, 2017

lair lair lair just covering your ass cause your got caught showing your hatred for the leader of the nation--- but you covered for your friend Killary who should be...

Ruth DickmanRuth Dickman   May 31, 2017

Hey CBS (continue bull shit network ) your info is again wrong-- beside we have the right to get out of something that is not good for the USA ...

Ruth DickmanRuth Dickman   May 30, 2017

this bitch needs to go to jail along with most of the CALIFORNIA delegation they are ALL frauds-- they rip off the American people and are proud of it --...

23 results - showing 1 - 10  
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