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Reviews written by Pamela Dunn

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Pamela DunnPamela Dunn   September 06, 2017

I could have named the moronic states that are opposing Trump with out even having to read the article. It's the usual leftist mafioso trifecta.

Pamela DunnPamela Dunn   September 04, 2017

IF the leftist liberal morons in California Government had told all the EnviroWienies and EnviroNazis to BUGGER OFF and allowed the timber companies to CLEAR OUT all the fallen timber...

Pamela DunnPamela Dunn   August 30, 2017

Good riddance of hateful, ignorant leftist trash.

Pamela DunnPamela Dunn   August 19, 2017

What a total load of left winger liberal socialist BULLSHYTE. They were NOT "protesting hate speech" you morons; they were protestign FREE SPEECH. But then Reuters is...

Pamela DunnPamela Dunn   August 19, 2017

SO, This moronic idiotic left winger mayor consults with the most far left hate group in America today." Quote} The mayor said he has spoken with the Southern Poverty...

Pamela DunnPamela Dunn   August 17, 2017

Give the RIGHT to Bear ARMS back to your citizens and start shipping those muslim slime out of your country.

Pamela DunnPamela Dunn   August 17, 2017

The WHOLE thing sounds like a total load of idiotic greedy BULLSHYTE and LIES.

Pamela DunnPamela Dunn   August 17, 2017

Obama the biggest lying asshole to ever come down the pike. Lied about his background to get into college; lied about his name, a Fake SS number from a state...

Pamela DunnPamela Dunn   August 16, 2017

Rosie Buttholio the fat liberal pig and brainless lesbian spews its load of asinine dimocrap turds as usual.

Pamela DunnPamela Dunn   August 11, 2017

OMG !! Let's get TSA at ALL subway stations in New York City and all stations in San Francisco; Did I forget to add Washington, DC?

29 results - showing 1 - 10  
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