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Reviews written by Timothy Toroian

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Timothy ToroianTimothy Toroian   May 05, 2017

Somebody should ask these dummies who and how they would pay for all they want the government to do? Go around "Hollywood" and raise money from the multi-millionaires who earn...

Timothy ToroianTimothy Toroian   May 02, 2017

HEY, Bill, I would have voted for Condoleezza Rice in half a heart beat!!!! And maybe other women, but Hilary just SUCKS going back to Vince Foster and farther....

Timothy ToroianTimothy Toroian   May 01, 2017

The artist should have his fingers broken and eyes put out. Or, we should make a shirt with Mohammad with his head cut off. And if anybody complains tell them...

Timothy ToroianTimothy Toroian   May 01, 2017

Liberals getting a taste of their own crap.

Timothy ToroianTimothy Toroian   April 30, 2017

He wouldn't recognize a Nazis until they stuck a bayonet up his butt. The way we treated the Native Americans didn' begin to approach the Nazis. People who call Americans...

Timothy ToroianTimothy Toroian   April 28, 2017

Let us not forget that one trillion IS a big number.One trillion seconds is about 31688 years 269 days 17 hours 34 minutes and 25 seconds. Multiply 31689 by 20...

Timothy ToroianTimothy Toroian   April 23, 2017

If Fat Boy wants to lose a country he can go ahead. South Korea, China, and Russia would divide it.

20 results - showing 1 - 10  
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