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Reviews written by L HYAK

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L HYAKL HYAK   September 21, 2017
(Updated: September 21, 2017)

This Ghrahm/Cassidy bill is really not much, it does little toward repealing the travesty of Barry Sotero's HCA...It still does not get the government out of your health care.....These...

L HYAKL HYAK   September 20, 2017

Well who the heck would of thunk it....when you have a criminal like Holder and a crooked legislature and Gov running the state, you can bet they are planning CYA...

L HYAKL HYAK   September 20, 2017

Idiots like Kimmel cannot fathom that by using the private sector his ailing kid will have access to less cost, better, quicker and more effective care...The Barry Sotero Death Wish...

L HYAKL HYAK   September 20, 2017
(Updated: September 20, 2017)

How about getting all that illegal loot that Barry Sotero the Fraud in the WH handed over to the iranian terrorist back and make them pay extortion money for the...

L HYAKL HYAK   September 18, 2017
(Updated: September 18, 2017)

Would it not be a good thing if those arrested for committing violent acts were held responsible for the injury of several police officers and made to pay for their...

L HYAKL HYAK   September 16, 2017
(Updated: September 16, 2017)

I once went thru this with a college part time english prof....To counter his claims, I simply asked that he produce evidence of this claim and then I would...

L HYAKL HYAK   September 11, 2017

I do hope they are not paying the moderator, she has less brainz than a chicken..................

L HYAKL HYAK   September 07, 2017

De Blasio is a loud mouthed commie clown, you folks in NYC need to get of your pompous butts and run this guy out of town on a pole........MAGA..........America for...

L HYAKL HYAK   September 07, 2017

Really, more blather is it?....Just how much is Red China will to risk to stop their own protogee, the one who is now telling them to pound salt????.......China will just...

L HYAKL HYAK   September 07, 2017

Good job Israel and now the russkies and hammas are both hoping mad and dancing on the head of a pin.......but the sarin supply is now delayed......

42 results - showing 1 - 10  
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