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Reviews written by Dizzy Lizzy

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Dizzy LizzyDizzy Lizzy   September 02, 2017

No matter what the Trumps do, the media will have a field day disorting the truth and ignoring what is truly important

Dizzy LizzyDizzy Lizzy   August 12, 2017
(Updated: August 12, 2017)

What a waste of taxpayer money

Dizzy LizzyDizzy Lizzy   August 10, 2017

Joining the military is a serious commitment and those who serve have an extremely responsible job which may put them in stressful and dangerous situations. Politics, Political Correctness and unstableness...

Dizzy LizzyDizzy Lizzy   August 06, 2017

Whatever happened to presumed innocent until proven guilty?!?! This stinks of an orchestrated effort to take down conservative media...go ahead and throw the conspiracy hate at me-I don"t care...

Dizzy LizzyDizzy Lizzy   June 28, 2017

The premise of separation of Church and State has long been misappropriated and misinterpreted. The truth, then, is that the First Amendment was designed, as Justice O’Connor...

Dizzy LizzyDizzy Lizzy   May 27, 2017

Shameful and murderous...nothing like keeping your citizens safe and informed!

Dizzy LizzyDizzy Lizzy   May 13, 2017

Really Michelle? I guess you never bothered to visit the school cafeterias to see first hand the C R A P being served to our kids since your school...

Dizzy LizzyDizzy Lizzy   May 04, 2017

Dear Ms Pelosi The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare is simply catastrophic health care. The time deductibles and out of pocket is unaffordable. If it were so great...

12 results - showing 1 - 10  
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