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Reviews written by Paul Conely

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Paul ConelyPaul Conely   August 27, 2017

Hey Jorge...YYYYAAAAAWWWWNNNNN.... after 30 years of YOU PEOPLE OF COLOR screamin RACIST every damn time YOU RACISTS don't get your way is STARTIN TO FALL ON DEAF EARS.... how bout...

Paul ConelyPaul Conely   August 26, 2017

Thanks PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!..... FINALLY somebody that has the BRAINS, BACK BONE AND BALLS to do the RIGHT thing.... also THANKS JOE Arizona is REALLY gonna miss you

Paul ConelyPaul Conely   August 20, 2017

As ALL the BROS LOVE ta say..... NIGGA PLEASE!!!!! ..... YA'LL THINK you're OPPRESSED try goin and gettin a REAL job.... and I DON'T mean on of those MAKE BELIEVE...

Paul ConelyPaul Conely   August 20, 2017


Paul ConelyPaul Conely   August 14, 2017

Hey Gov. ..... YEAH call it for what it is.... it's a bunch of RACIST NIGGERS and STUPID GULLIBLE SNOWFLAKES that have been enabled by you ALT LEFTIES, startin with...

Paul ConelyPaul Conely   August 13, 2017

LOOK at this picture, NATURALLY this DUMB ASS NIGGER would show up wit a knife to a gun fight, THEN CLAIM to be a VICTIM ,NOT knowin that HIS BOY...

Paul ConelyPaul Conely   August 12, 2017

REALLY????.... Hey mayor these WHITE RACIST NATIONALISTS have the same RIGHTS as those RACIST BLACK LIVES MATTER niggers that block freeways.... yet you're NOT disgusted by their ACTIONS.... what a...

Paul ConelyPaul Conely   July 29, 2017

HMMMM..... HE'S the poster child for the old saying "EMPTY BARRELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE"..... and is he REALLY a "student" or just another RACIST THUG getting FREE COLLEGE...

Paul ConelyPaul Conely   June 29, 2017

REALLY???.... she had plastic surgery???.... DAAAAAAMMMNN.... that face would make "WATER RUN UP HILL".... hey BITCH if I were you I'd DEMAND my money back or SUE the surgeon...

Paul ConelyPaul Conely   June 26, 2017

REALLY????.....THIS is the BEST B/S you libertards can come up with.... WOW no wonder you LOST THE ELECTION.... THE CRAP you worry about HAIRCUTS WHO USES WHAT BATHROOM....GEEEEEZUS when are...

15 results - showing 1 - 10  
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